Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Power and strength wrapped around a warrior

For two years now I have made quilts. People have donated in the names of their warriors so they could be represented on the card that goes with the quilt. I found (with the tougher economic times) our donations lagged well below the cost of the materials. It is always my hope that what is donated at least matched the cost of the materials. This year it was apparent this wasn't going to happen. So I opened the opportunity to anyone who wanted to honor their warrior by adding their names. Irregardless of donations .

I wound up with around 700 names.
That is impressive.

Cancer is one of those things. At one time of course it is terribly destructive. It steals lives. It robs health. It brings sadness and unbelievable pain. BUT Cancer also unites us in our shared experience.

Cancer has made me stronger than I would have been had I never had it.
Cancer has made me more intuitive than I was before I had it.
Caner has made me more determined, it has made me a believer in the impossible.
AND Cancer has made me determined to help keep others from having to experience one minute of fear and pain. Those 700 names all know what I am talking about. Those people who honored them by including them in the gift know what I am talking about.

CANCER makes warriors out of observers. It makes victors out of the vanquished. CANCER is one tough enemy, so it calls on us to be that much tougher.

I have seen the magic of the quilt first had. First with Olivia as she hid in her magic place where no sadness could come in. Cuddled under the quilt with her family they all found courage to continue the fight. Today Olivia walked 6.5 miles with us, picked a sprig of Lavender and sniffed its sweet scent. Today Olivia looks forward to a life without Cancer and she and her family are fierce warriors enjoying the fruits of their battle. Health.

On Sunday we stopped by to drop off the latest quilt "Circle of hope" to Ivy. Ivy is 7 years old and has been battling Leukemia. The drugs she has been given have stolen much of her mobility. Her tendons in her ankles have shortened and she hasn't walked since 2010. But when we gave her the quilt, Ivy put on her high heeled shoes grabbed her walker and walked for us. The quilt gave her the reason to go just a little further than she normally would. The quilt is full of power, full of love and emboldened with the strength of 700 warriors and those who love them.

So in the end, the value in that is FAR in excess of any monetary amount the materials cost. The value in the quilt has no measure. May Ivy continue to grow stronger each day wrapped in its power.
Thank you to everyone who donated or added the names of their warrior to this incredible gift.

Never to late to donate in the name of your warrior.

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  1. Lexie told me all about this. She said Ivy is such a cute and sweet little girl. I think it is amazing what you do for the cause. Keep up the good work!