Monday, August 6, 2012

The shifting tides

My niece Madeline just graduated from high school. I have seen Madeline a few times in her life, not nearly often enough. She lives in the Northwest with my younger sister Debi and her family. What I knew about Madeline was she was beautiful and has a strong interest in modeling. When she decided she wanted to come and visit Glenn and me, I didn't know what I would be getting. Would she be a way too sophisticated girl? Would she chat up fashion designers and such (all of which I have very little interest or familiarity in). The pictures I have seen of her lately have been of her modeling.. and some of her as a high school senior doing senior things like going to the prom. But the minute she got off the plane and met me at the airport I saw a young, somewhat shy, silly and happy girl. A girl who twirls her hair in that somewhat nervous habit I remember seeing in my own daughters. I saw Madeline Katherine Minkema and felt glad to know she was exactly who she should be.

She asked that her friend (what she met online) Lexie be able to come to stay as well (from Ft. Worth). They share a mutual love of One Direction and prior to that the Jonas Brothers and the uncanning ability to giggle non stop for five days and nights.

We tried our best in the middle of a crazy work week (after a week away) to show them the sights and sounds of San Francisco. I think we must have done a pretty good job if the giggling was any indication. Take a look at some of the photos of the "Maddie and Lexie's Big SF Vacation"

I insisted they walk the bridge. Heck, its what I do.... Lexie borrowed shoes and a sweatshirt from Madeline. Good idea... it was cold for much of the time they were visiting.

Back and forth across the bridge is about 4 miles.

We then went to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the De Young Museum.
I figured that was a pretty good exhibit for Madeline!

I made reservations at Tyler Florence's restaurant in Mill Valley "El Paseo Chophouse." The girls really didnt drink wine but I had them pose with it!

The waitress brought the one and only peach pie in the kitchen when she heard it was Maddie's birthday. AND BOY did that disappear quickly. Somehow Maddie's no carb diet was forgotten as it should be on vacation, celebrating a birthday.
The next day it was off to the city via the ferry. We walked from the ferry building to Union Square.

Where we ate at the Rotunda Room at Neiman Marcus. They brought Madeline a free dessert - Pistachio Creme Brulee.

I sent them on their way to go shopping. I am really not a shopping kind of girl, I am a walking kind of girl. So I took off up the hill through Chinatown...

Down to the Embarcadero - onward to ATT park....

Where I bought sweatshirts for the girls. We were going to be going to Creekside Fridays where Myriam and I had sponsored a band. I KNEW it would be chilly......
The girls were having fun shopping so I walked awhile and waited at the Ferry for them to arrive... and we headed off back to Marin.
This year I picked the band. I was sorry the weather wasn't warmer. It is such a fun venue. "Creekside" with young and old dancing. Face painting and soap bubbles...
A photographer making buttons....
It was cold but fun. And Go Kat Go were awesome!!!
Saturday we took the girls sailing on the bay (maybe the coldest foggiest day of the year...)
We gave them layers to wear.....

Maddie got to steer the boat..
As Dana relaxes and Lexie (hopefully was relaxing although maybe she was feeling a little off).
They both seemed happier standing in the gangway... out of the wind)

Sunday was tour day and I decided to treat it as a mini photo shoot....

From Ocean beach on to Golden Gate Park.

Ending the tour at the Headlands on the Marin side.

We had our last dinner at our club before heading back home. There they finished the night like they had the entire trip, giggling. and enjoying each other.

Time passes as people change like the tides
Young becomes old, old becomes young again
There is happiness becoming one with the ebb and flow
I am grateful Maddie decided to come and spend some time with us.

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  1. Maddie definitely is beautiful, inside and out! It looks, and sounds from Lexie's stories, like you were super busy and showed them a great time! I am so glad that Lexie and Maddie met online and have gotten to spend this time together. It has also led Lexie to get to meet you, an amazing person. Thanks! PS I hope you don't mind me stealing the pictures! They are great pics!