Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Training at it's peak

It wasn't easy. The hardest part may have been scheduling and trust me that this year seems to be the hardest part. Leslie has three kids, a husband who is a Doctor who is often on call, Patty had her mother who she tends to in Maryland and I have had a very robust year as far as business goes. So initially when planning the longest back to back of the training season we knew Saturday would be out (the dinner for Barbara was that night). Sunday was calendared, Rob was on call it all started to be quite complicated. There was disagreement about what the "true" mileage was of the planned route. Finally I made my announcement "I am walking from the Larkspur Ferry to the SF Ferry and you can meet he there at 7 or meet me at the Shoreline Office Center in Mill Valley at 9." Leslie was still trying to figure out how to piece the day together and do at least part of it eventually deciding it was just too much to juggle. Patty went to church in the am and met me at Shoreline.

The first few (6.49 miles) was beautiful. The fog wasn't laying low in Larkspur when I first left. It hung on the surrounding hills and mountain, running down the bay. So the air was cool but not cold as the sun cast long shadows on the wakening day.

As I walked along past the site of what will be our opening ceremonies the shore birds took advantage of the quiet still waters to feed and float... I love this one little pond in the marsh near there. This is the only place I see white Pelicans.

I meandered through the empty Village Shopping Center. Well empty except the people steam cleaning the walk ways. Now that is a different kind of obstacle!

Walking at my own pace I felt light and relaxed. I generally walk much slower with other people, which is fine it is a different kind of walk. So on this walk, knowing I had a 9 am meeting time, I walked about 3.4 miles per hour stopping along the way for coffee and to chat about Susan G Komen with a woman on Meadowsweet.

I still had time to take in the scenery as I headed by Horse Hill in Mill Valley.

Correct me if I am wrong but I think these flowers are called Pink Naked Ladies. (No reference to 3 day walkers or is it?)

Edna Maguire torn down... Where will the kids go to school this September?


When I got to the Shoreline Office Center I let Patty know we were going to be walking just the two of us. We headed off to SF ready to OWN the road.

Patty is starting to feel like I do... familiar with this bridge of ours. Its still a climb to get to the bridge itself, but it  is our bridge.

A stop at the Warming Hut for lunch....

Crissy Field

Past Aquatic Park to Ghiradelli Square.

Sonya is a lady who sells jewelery at Ghiradelli Square. She sees me and she says "You like pink!" We have a battle about whether I can pay her or not if I buy something. I really really like this lady. I ended up buying a sweet necklace but she gave me earrings and another necklace. She told me to come back at Christmas time and she will have lots of pink for me.

We asked her to take a picture of us too.

We walked the rest of the way to the ferry. For me it was just shy of 21 miles and that made me happy. The schedule calls for 18 and 15 this week. Knowing I may be a little shy tomorrow I was glad to get it in and relieved to know the mileage will be tapering down as we near the 3 day. These long walks are definitely a commitment of time. Its good it really is only for a few weeks of training that you need this long of a walk.

On the ferry we drank icy beers. The trouble with that was it was on the FAST ferry to Larkspur (30 mins long) 2 beers, 30 mins? It felt like college! Day 1 of 2 down for this longest of the training back to backs!

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