Sunday, March 29, 2009

Part 2 - Stafford Lake - Frisbee Course

Did you ever know there are actual Frisbee Courses? They are akin to a golf course but on a hiking trail. I am learning so many new things since I have begun this journey!
Well, our first clue was the Frisbee soundly hitting a tree branch above us, and the red plastic, dinged up disc about 10 feet in front of us. Stafford lake is West of Novato. I will put this on a good distance walk at some point. You could walk from San Marin High School, past a dog park, and on to the lake. There is a golf course "Indian Valley" that is also along its shores. (Made me wish I still could golf!)
We were heading toward the Terwilliger Nature Trail, named after the famous Marin naturalist Mrs. Elizabeth Terwilliger. I think we took a wrong turn. But it was beautiful none the less and full of mini surprises... like the Frisbee and the wild flowers, the creek, the oaks and buckeyes, geese and lizards.
It was a sweet little hike up a 350 ft hill on a warm spring day. What could be better. Look at how green and idyllic Marin is now... I am betting we will long for these 70 degree days come August! (At least in Novato!)