Sunday, March 29, 2009

Part One.... A Dog's Day

Every morning, almost, Glenn and I walk our two Cardigan Corgies, Tucker and Sophie. Someone asked me if I take them on my long! Tucker he's the big guy, has a studdorn, lazy streak. He loves to go to the dog park and fetch and go mud walking... but he HATES any kind of hill. So our habit now, during training, is to take two walks. One would be at the Mill Valley Dog Park, the other is the loop in out neighborhood. If we try and go one inch beyond the .45 mile loop, Tucker will put on the brakes.
The Mill Valley dog park is a great place to throw a ball. Our two guys kind of stick to themselves, but there are usually other dogs looking for friends. There is a section of Richardson Bay that fronts the park, and sometimes, if we don't throw carefully enough Tucker will go directly to the water and drop his ball. This morning... he dropped it in the water and it sunk in the mud. Tide out, Glenn had to remove his shoes and go diving for dog balls in the muck. Didn't seem to bother Tucker and Sophie too much, in fact I think they enjoyed it!