Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going where the sun shines

If it is drizzling in Marin.... where to go??? where to go????
I woke up this morning and knew as busy as I am now, I will be busier later in the week so I decided to try and squeeze in a walk, somehow, somewhere.

My initial plan was to walk to SF from my office, but when I got there my wipers were going madly in the drizzle. I kept driving closer to the bridge, as if there was a chance the weather would be better there than in Mill Valley, but the drizzle only intensified. So I pulled off the freeway and thought, do I just go to work and forget this walking idea or, do I find a better place to walk.

I started driving North - through Novato, down Highway 37, where the skies slowly started to clear. Patches of blue peaked out through the grey clouds. Finally I pulled down Highway 12, and parked my car in front of Train town.

Train town holds quite a few happy memories of little kids, and petting zoos - of Katie and Allison with their sunglasses on, giddy in the idea of riding on a real train. Today though the place was closed. I put on my fanny pack, and strapped on my pedometer and headed off.

The temperature wasn't all that warm and it was humid and felt steamy at 65 degrees. Everywhere I walked the town was ablaze in color. Roses in particular were in mad bloom, lining walkways, crowning trellises and sharing their sweet aroma as I passed.

Little old homes with gardens lushly landscaped make you feel as if you were walking back in time. I wouldn't mind at all retiring in Sonoma, near the town square... It is a very walkable town, whose only drawback that I can see might be the tourists who will flock here in pursuit of the perfect wine.

I passed our Sonoma Alain Pinel Office and I have to say, it is beautiful. Even though a little voice said, go inside, I kept walking.

Here in Sonoma there is the iconic town square. Businesses line the streets surrounding it. Obviously those are the prime commercial Real Estate parcels here.

A woman was painting the scene.

One of the art stores a block from town.

In it's early days Sonoma had a mission. I am not certain but this could be the furthest north of the missions.

Charming homes have been converted to businesses, cafes, and B and B's.
Old stone buildings, adobes, wood....


This is only a short distance from the town square and already it feels rural.
With grape vines in someone's yard

I love this wrap around porch. Would I like a vintage home like this???? Yes please.
The closest winery to town is Sebastiani...

A lady in pink in the reflection...

A grand estate....

A not so grand estate now...But you can see it was in the day. I wouldn't mind having some $$$ to rebuild this.

In front of the grand estate were some very grand snails hitching a ride on a lion.

I stumbled upon a well travelled bike path behind the town.

An old stone/brick building

Looks like an old depot to me... now a museum
Not far away is the Depot Hotel

Blow this up if you can... RED wing blackbird

General Vallejo's daughter's house.

Two ducks... walking in tandem...

Inside the servant's house.

The barn had a class of 5th grader aged children learning California History. Do you know what happened in 1821???? Well they do.

I thought the path was going to be a big loop, but it ended at Hiway 12, at the city limits...

So I headed back to the square and toward my car.

After my 9 mile walk, I was glad to see where I was...... Sonoma, California.... Not a bad place to escape the drizzle... Only, what were those grey clouds I saw coming my way? DRIZZLE! As I jumped in my car the drops began to fall.

I headed South and eventually found blue sky once again.

While walking my phone was ringing wildly with business questions and concerns. Plans, changed plans, people wanting to make appointments with me and people who didn't have a clue I was far away from a computer and my office. Truly, it isn't my choice to do business while I walk, but given the alternative....(not walking) I am grateful for smart phones and this new age of accessibility.

When I got back to my office a friend called me who is riding in the Live Strong event. He wanted to pick my brain about fundraising. He said he is having a more difficult time this year raising funds than last year. People who gave last year haven't given to his effort. He wondered if I was experiencing the same thing.

It is a different time and I am well away of this. That is why whenever a donation is made to my walk I am even more grateful than I have been in the past. In times like these, these fundraiser carry more signicance than even. Funds are tight across the board.

To make an impact on Cancer we have to work together. We have to dig deep and make sure that a cure is found. IF you haven't been able to donate yet this year there are a number of ways you can still participate in this effort. Instead of going to dinner on August 13...come to our WINE WARS II! Here, for a small donation, you will be able to enjoys wines, and food. $10 to get in the door... and a $25 donation to Susan G Komen will give you music, food and wine! This is a GREAT deal! And you get to keep a wonderful event glass!

So RSVP http://www.winewarsii.com/

or donate here


Just know how very much I as a Cancer Survivor appreciate your support. Walking through my fifteenth year of survial, I am more determined than ever to not let Cancer take anyone else I love. Together we are unstoppable, even by Cancer...