Thursday, May 13, 2010


Masterminds at the Four Seasons

I belong to a networking group called Masterminds. We have agents from each regional area in the Bay Area, and we meet usually via conference call once a month. This is the first time we got together in person. And we did it in style. We met in 22-F of the Four Season's residences.

Today was one of those barn burning, crazy, running from one thing to the next kind of days. Keeping each and every ball in the air without one hitting the ground. From office, to pest inspections, to office and finally, in the middle of a busy day, I made my way to Sausalito for the Ferry to SF.
There was something infinitely freeing about in getting on the boat and heading off from Marin. Looking out across the bay at the stiff breeze with boats heeled over, you would have though the sky would be stormy and grey, but it was blue with just a wisp of fog fingering up the middle. I walked the 8 blocks up Market Street without a minute to spare, made it to the 3pm meeting at 2:55. We waited in the residences lobby while Esty (the listing agent of the place we were meeting, went to get the key). One by one each of these elusive agents that I had spoken with many times on the phone, each came and joined the group.

When Esty arrived we headed up to the suite.
Our members includes Maurice Tegelaar (Sonoma), Debbie Sharp (San Mateo), Ginny Erck (Oakland/Piedmont), Mary Robbins (Danville, Walnut Creek,etc) and John Solaegui (SF)

John had invited Kitty Cole, who is a business coach/trainer to come and talk to us. Debbie had ordered a nice room service spread for us with all kinds of goodies. When everyone was in place and introductions had been made we all participated in a short exercise about time management.

Kitty wanted us to break out into percentages the amount of time we spend in the past, in the present or in the future. It wasn't until afterward that she said most people have a hard time spending as much time as they should in the present. She said the one exception seems to be people who have had terrible illness like cancer.
Well, I looked at my numbers and I realized, (as did the room when I told them what the my percentages were) I was a prime example for that theory. I put my time in the past at 5% , in the present 80% and in the future 15%. I told Kitty she was right.

But what I didn't tell Kitty was if I had taken that quiz 2 years ago it would NOT have been the same result. 2 years ago, I still hadn't been able to embrace my past and let it go. I was still living in the past by trying to avoid it. I had a hard time even saying the word cancer. Since then I finally acknowledged I had survived Cancer and joined the 3-day effort. I have been able to look back and see how many gifts I have been granted and in doing so I have been able to grab every morsel I can out of the day I am living. I see how strong I have become. I wake up in the mornings and think, how can I get the most out of this day. Can I go for a walk? Can I go and see my friends, will Glenn and I be able to have an adventure. Each day is now the gift it has always been, but now, now I open the box and look inside and squeal with delight when I see what is there.

The conversation with the group pointed out that I was lucky. I have learned one of life's great lessons and as a result, my business is better, my relationships are deeper and more than anything else, I am at peace with myself.

After the meeting ended, I said goodbye and jogged the 8 blocks back to the Ferry in 15 mins. just in time to make the 5:30 departure. All the while thinking with each step.... how lucky I am , how blessed I have been and oh by the way.... this was a GOOD day to be alive.

Where are you spending the majoirty of your time? The past? The future? Try living it today. Be present for your life. It will bring a smile to your face.