Saturday, May 1, 2010

A very happy birthday....

Thank you everyone for making my birthday so special. From the well wishers on Facebook, to the calls, to the great gifts, to the DONATIONS to my 3-day, to the flowers, to the incredible spa day to the dinner at Balboa was all sumptious and special. I went to bed feeling like the luckiest mid century gal in town.

It's the next morning and I am surrounded with all this love. Thank you everyone. I know there are some great photos in Sonya's Camera, and hopefully she will send those along so I can share later, but in the meantime, here are a couple. Today, I am off to a wedding. Tomorrow, another adventure. But right now...I am happy and smiling and thankful for all of you.

Patti at Cavallo after our facials and soaking in the reflection pool......

The day couldnt have been more beautiful

MY FAVORITE sparkling wine Roderer L'Ermitage

No fun here!

At Balboa with my sweetie!

My goodies the next day....

Carol is a floral genius! MY favorite flowers PEONIES!

And I do really love orchids too!

Oh and of course sterling silver roses, orchids and tulips!

Who told her I love scotch... be jealous very jealous!

AND did I mention my honey gave me an IPAD!