Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame

I have been smiling in the afterglow of a great birthday all weekend long. I have been smiling also because I know today Sunday, I have tickets to the Sf/Colorado game. Given my schedule this could very well be the only game I get to attend. Busy sits on the horizon like an approaching thunderstorm. I feel like I need to get out and enjoy the sun while I can.

Pete Shaw said he wouldn't mind at all walking to the game with me. Pete is running the the Bay to Breakers in a couple of weeks and he feels the walk would be good prep for that. To me walking with Pete will give me a chance to show off one of my favorite training walks... Sausalito Yacht Club, up and over the bridge, down through Crissy Park, over at Fort Mason to Aquatic Park, Fishermen's wharf, Pier 39 and the Ferry Building... but lets add a little stroll past the Ferry Building, down the Embarcadero to the park.. Total miles? 14

Yesterday we all met at Jo Bryson's marriage to her old school boyfriend Steve in Tiburon. After my birthday celebration I was decidedly tired, and although I loved the wedding and so appreciated being invited to the dinner after, I knew I really could make it through the evening. Pete and Sonya however dined and partied with the best of them until the wee hours. I was fully recovered feeling like a million bucks when Pete and I met at the base of Princess Street to begin our walk. Pete took off, like the athlete he is, with me warning "I don't walk that fast! slow down!" So we settled into a a better long distance pace for me.
I am pretty sure Pete doesn't usually stop for coffee along the way (given that he hates coffee), but I stopped into Josh's mainly to say hello and grabbed a very latte like cappuccino. After trying to walk and sip I decided... to walk instead. especially since half of one sip went up my nose barely missing my Barry Bonds Shirt.
When we came to the ascent to the bridge, that long steep climb Pete pointed out that the sign for the bikes to slow down was prominently posted on the way up... I don't think bikes tend to go uphill faster, but this is Marin after all... you never know.
The sparkly blue day was one of those days where you could walk across the bridge and not worry that your hat would fly off in the breeze, heading off to Alcatraz or the Sierras. We mingled with the tourists and stopped long enough to memorialize the crossing.

When I walk this walk I almost always stop to window shop at the Warming Hut. Occasionally I will even pick up a refreshment or a trinket. But Pete, not unlike my husband Glenn didn't seem to window shop well at all. He was heading out the door before I even got started.... Probably saving me some money it the process. There were a couple of tempting flour sack dishtowels....
I knew Pete sounded jealous that I had taken Sonya to the Sports Basement earlier in the week. Pete was brought up as a military kid... they used the BX all the time and the Sports Basement is a converted BX. Inside the department names are still on the wall, DAIRY - MEATS -PRODUCE. But now yoga gear may be in produce, biking in Dairy etc... It's a big place. Despite this I would say Pete was inside only long enough to walk around the middle once. (I did see him touch one men's jacket though.....) Out he went. I followed after buying a Vitamen Water that tasted like Tang on steroids.
When we arrived at Crissy it was apparent we weren't alone. There was some sort of event going on. We eventually figured out it was the "Escape From Alcatraz" triathlon. The bikers were hauling *** down the hill and onto the main drag. You could guess who was in the lead. There were hundred of them along with hundred of spectators. I only wish there would be half as many spectators for the 3-day. It must of felt good to hear the cow bells and names being called and the athletes were in full throttle.
Eventually you would see those lone runners obviously lapping others as they headed toward Marina Green and the finish. Pete and I managed to stay out of their way on our walk, but swung over to catch a glimpse of the action. The bike parking lot was phenomenal. It looked like a huge sea of bikes.....with more to come.

Two huge bandstands held the people coming to cheer with the announcer in the background. Tents surrounded the action with give aways promoting their products, from newspapers to sports bars. Ahem..... 3-day walkers buy things too you know....

This 3-day walk has been to me an incredibly difficult challenge. So much so, I could imagine how people could actually contemplate something as daunting as a triathlon. But tell you what... not me. Walking is just fine by me.

After walking through Fort Mason, on to the wharf, by the piers and ferry building, eventually we made it all the way to the park. There used to be a restaurant called the Acme Chophouse right next to Willie Mays Gate. Now it has been chopped into three different establishments. Pete and I grabbed a couple of Mexican beers and sat down to wait for Sonya at Mijitas.

When Sonya got there, we passed by the batting helmet give way being told they were for kids... (I wanted to get one for my son in law...but oh well) and went into the park.
I love this wonderful ballpark and I looked forward to a good game versus the Rockies. My daughter and son-in-law are big Rockies fans. The Giants had a 2-0 lead in the 3 game series. But alas, it was not to be. For the Giants it was a lack lustre game. But it was great to see it with my friends.

All in all it would be hard to beat this weekend. Ok, if Glenn wasn't sailing and was with us it might have improved. Ok if the girls could have been home for my b'day that would have been good too... but I spent the weekend doing things I loved with the people I care for and like I said, that ain't half bad.
Now it is back to work and work in earnest. I have two houses in escrow. A new listing with it's first showing tomorrow and a newer listing coming next week and another the week after. I don't know if it was the walk or the idea of all this work, but I strained my back badly and now and looking forward to Body work by Michael tomorrow. I will report back because he is one of our donors to WINE WARS. In the meantime... where's the Advil and can I have that with a shot of scotch? CHEERS!!!!