Sunday, May 30, 2010

A working anniversary

I only have eyes for you....
But I left my tri-focals at the office.

The photo above is not us... but it is the card Glenn gave me for our anniversary.
Ok, things may have changed, in one or two ways, but one thing hasn't, I am so lucky to have married my best friend.

We are one of those rarer commodities in Marin, a couple who have been married 29 years to the same person. As I said before, I love my first husband, and I love my last. It's great they are the same guy... Glenn.

BUT the things that have changed....
29 years ago, I didn't work!

So instead of flying off to Hawaii to lay on a black sandy beach....I got up and made waffles for Glenn before heading to the Calendonia Street Faire. After the Faire, I headed off to an open house. Then finally.... off to home, to BBQ and drink champagne.

I met up with Myriam and Fil at the office in Mill Valley before the Faire. They had a lot of things to bring with them to set up our APR tent for the event. I knew I wouldn't be able to walk any significant distance this weekend, with the work I could count on doing, but I was insistent that I walk to the Faire from the office. (Probably 2 miles or so...)

The Faire officially started at 11am, but in our early shift we were told to arrive at 9am. Myriam and I gave out bottles, John and Fil handed out calendars, Jean gave our jar openers and all of us gave as many kids as would take them APR balloons. I am betting those folks who came later had a ton more people. But it was a beautiful day, and I am sure a huge success for the Sausalito Nursery School.

When the time was up... Myriam gave ne a ride back to my car at the office where I got stuck in beach traffic on the way to my listing. I don't think I ever looked so causal for an open house before. Dressed in my capris and tee shirt, with "Hat Hair" from wearing a baseball cap, my walking shoes on ... I looked like I was ready to take a hike instead of showing off my beautiful listing on Durant.

Despite the busy beach day, several very interested people came through the house. Some neighbors stopped by to say hello too. It was a successful day. I heard back from one agent that one of the couple who walked through would be writing an offer. (We already have received one that we have countered and are waiting to hear back from). The market is definitely on an upswing.

When 4pm came, I hustled back home to wait for Glenn to come back from working.

You see what I mean???? What are we doing working on our 29th anniversary?!

With no reservations...literally and figuratively, I told Glenn to fire up the grill and open the champagne. We sat outside on out sweet little patio and opened our presents...

Glenn gave us... surround sound for downstairs and gave me roses and scotch.

I gave him a recharger for his IPhone, walking socks and champagne... We have given ourselves 29 years of adventures.

As we headed off to bed I told Glenn, I have to be around at 1PM to receive this offer on my listing. Then said we had plenty of time to go his his Dads by 5PM.

But I said "We have the morning...What ya want to do?!"