Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busting loose....

Busy should not be an reason why I don't get in at least one long walk in a week. After all Oct 1-3 I will be walking 60 miles in 3 days ready or not... I prefer to be ready.
It's been the kind of week where breathing seems to take too much time.
I ran from one thing to the next, until finally when my client asked what are you doing tomorrow, I said "I'm WALKING".
I told everyone who might be looking for me, I would be gone until the afternoon and in the morning, I said goodbye to Glenn and the dogs and drove down to park my car at the office and off, I went... to SAN FRANCISCO.

By the Gate Cooperative there is always art on display....

My favorite S. Marin Flower shop.

Casa Madrona Hotel
This unique hotel was just sold... I understand.

Some of the architecture in Sausalito.

You get a sense from these buildings that the town has been here for awhile.

Now the Sausalito Hotel...

The downtown park

Looking across Shelter Cove

The hillside includes some of the oldest "villas" in Sausalito

Steps from South Street down to the beach

I stepped off the road to call Myriam and found this sweet little house.

An old Sausalito Villa.

A beautifully renovated Victorian on Alexander

Raccoon Straits

Looking up toward Sausalito from Oak Cliff

The road to Cavallo was closed to pedestrians so I had to walk up Alexander to the bridge. But that did mean I could take a photo of Cavallo from above.

On the bridge.

Fishing boat heading out... Bet there's tourists on that boat.

On the Sf side. I decided to take a few iconic shots of the bridge.

It's a pretty bridge

Framed with Lupines.

From Crissy Field

Art in the sand

Dogs at Crissy

This fellow was just hanging out so I quick took a shot....

But he stayed long enough to give me my bridge money shot.

Then further down the road, his cousin was hanging out too.

The new Crissy Field center.

Seems all kinds of birds were hanging out today.

J-105 at St Francis

Aquatic Park and some of the many children out playing today

CRUISE!!!!! Tons of people, porters and bags

Can't bring too much on a cruise!

And ta-da! The Ferry Building!

Getting ready to leave SF

My stuff....

And me.... On the way back to Sausalito.
So glad I managed to get this walk in. Day after tomorrow we are going to Denver and I sure we will get in at least one good walk. Now I will be READY!