Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocky Mountain Adventure #3 - Garden of the Gods

Saturday, the day after and on to the rest of her life!

That of course includes the Breast Cancer 3 day in October. Since half of our team was in one place... we thought it would be a great time to train Colorado style. Of course who would have known the temperatures would be in the 90s... Trust me people walking is definitely tougher in the heat. But all walking is easier when there are beautiful things to look at. You couldn't find a more beautiful spot than Garden of the Gods.

Set against the Rocky Mountains this area is comprised of amazing rock formations, greenery, wildflowers and wildlife. We were more than happy to lace up the shoes and put on the gear and head out. Hot though it definitely was. Whatever, we had our Sharkies and water!

You know me I like to find the beauty in the smallest of places...

Especially when the enormity of the landscape would make it easy to overlook.

How can you avoid not taking the time to be a part of it.


The sky is as grand as the landscape.

More tiny miracles.

I loved the green green next to those red red rocks.

Delicate wildflowers...

And prickly cactus

These flowers climbing from a spiky base looked ready to bloom

Blankets of blue.

The trails left red dust on the legs of Dexter and the rest of us.

But what fun to take a walk with our best friends.

My best friend....

Standing watch...

Look at the caterpillars waiting for metamorphose

Siamese Twins...

Allison and Dexter find shade.

And a view

Patti takes a stance

Rock roses....

White clusters.

Glorious yellow

Stubby pines

Cactus rose

Garden of the Gods...

3 day walkers

Where's the rest of the team?????

Maybe down this trail?

Little in comparison....




Crossing a meadow

Heading back
Homes interspersed among the rocks.

Chipotles is PET friendly.....

Dexter passed on the Pacifico, but never on the hike. He was still ready to go!
Don't worry Dexter, there is still tomorrow!