Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocky Mountain adventures Day #1 - Arrival, BRATS and a stroll

On February 5, 1985, I looked at my husband and said "She's beautiful."
Now 27+years later, I looked at my husband as we boarded a plane for Denver and said "Do you remember her Pre-school graduation?" To which he answered "Of course I do..."

Allison was to be graduating on Friday from the Josef Korbel School of Interational Studies with her MA . Top of her class, with a lifetime of experience others just dream about, we are both awed and proud of everything she has accomplished. Joining us on the trip was Patti, 3-day walker and Godmother.

We left bright and early from a cool SF airport to arrive at warm Denver. Allison picked us up, bringing us all back to Chris' and her home across town, where we were greeted by Dexter, their amazing, darling and most loved dog.

Our first top was Safeway where we picked up food to snack. A plethora of junk enough to satisfy anyone on a vacation. Glenn made his way to the liquor store where he bought some weekend supplies.

So we settled back with Allison and had cocktail hour and waited for Chris to arrive.

Once he came home we put him to work making BRATS. His signature dish. But we let him relax and join in the feeding frenzy first.

I love their little house. It is surrounded by a lovely garden that Allison has been cultivating. Roses fed with coffee grounds, mint, tomatoes, basils and more fed with love....

Before settling down to our Brat dinner we walked the short distance to S. Pearl Street and the cute little shopping and dining district where Allison's car had been getting repaired.
This area has older homes that have been converted for commerical use.
I love neighborhoods that have been revitalized this way. Suddenly something that was "outdated" becomes cool and trendy...

Even old Toyota Tercels!

After picking the car up we found a dog friendly wine bar on our way back home.

Tree lined streets in Denver are much appreciated when the temperature climbs in the Summer months.

Even Glenn looked more relaxed after our wine stop.

It was great to settle down after our Brats meal and look forward to the day ahead where Allison would be getting her newest degree. Better yet to be spending the time with people who I care so much about, and the coolest dog East of the Rockies.
Big day tomorrow, we headed off to sleep.... with smiles on our faces and a very contented Dexter with one eye opened....