Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The best memory of the 3 day 2009????

Someone asked me the other day what was the best memory I have of last year's Breast Cancer 3 day. And try as I might, it has been next to impossible to pick one moment. It is hard to whiddel it down to just 3 days to start with. The 3 day for me began in March of last year. It hasn't ended yet. The 3 day is a walk to end Breast Cancer, and I suppose when you put it that way.... everything from the day I was diagnosed 15 years ago until now, has been - the 3 day.
But October 2-4 of 2009 was the official 3 day... Here are some things I will never foget.

  1. I loved that my husband thought of bringing us Energizer Bunny slippers (without even knowing they were sponsors!) 2. I love the memory of standing in the Cow Palace parking lot at dawn watching the excited faces of the walkers and their support people and thinking... I have to come with more of a costume next year!

3. I loved.... walking off with my team, with hoots and howlers and more energy and excitement than you can imagine...knowing I was prepared!

4. I loved .... seeing the different people along the way, the hooker for hooters, the motorcycle chick with the pink bunny, the coasties, the motorcyle cops, the flag man....

5. I loved seeing people's children cheering them on.

6. I especially loved seeing our guys along the way

7. Wren with her peanut butter sandwiches

8. I was inspired and moved by the people who were walking with us. The survivors, the daughters of women who had lost their battle. The combined passion of these people was more powerful than you can imagine. It still moves me.

9. And who wouldn't love the post walk gathering on the lawn for some wine!

    10. Not many people can say this who walked the 3 day - I LOVED being able to shower at the Saint Francis Yacht Club!

11. There was something very cozy and great about our little pink tents

    12. On the last day... I loved and was awed by my daughter's stubborn streak...and mine. We both had pretty bad feet (me with blisters the size of Montana and she with a stress fracture....) I loved walking with her and knowing there was NO way we weren't finishing....

13. I was completely overcome when we walked through the middle of what seemed like a half of a mile of people cheering us at the finish line. My tears began there and keep on coming through the closing ceremonies
14. The feeling of being in the survivor circle is one that is next to impossible to explain. It was magical, moving and humbling as everyone else raised a shoe in salute of the people who had personally fought this disease. 15. I was proud and touched that we had people come from the Valley (our friends from college) who donned us with mantles of pink like conquering heroes.

16. I will always remember how I proved to myself - I can do anything I set my mind to. I can climb mountains, swim oceans, soar like an eagle. I can end Breast Cancer... It just takes a little help from my friends and some pretty great shoes. I ready for 2010!

Now we are out making more memories. Our big event Wine Wars in nearing. New people have taken up the challenge to walk with us this year. Three of us are walking for a second time. None of us can do this alone, we need your support. Please take a minute if you haven't already and donate to one of our team. Your donations are not just the $$$ that will end Breast Cancer, they are the fuel in our engines that keeps us motivated to keep on walking. I wouldn't lie I would walk whether I got one donation or not. But.... every time I see someone donate I know we are that much closer. I seem to walk taller and a little longer in training... and certainly the smile you have out on my face isn't bad either.... so will you please??


And go to the Wine Wars site and secure your place at this great event August 13th!