Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yesterday I was walking in sunshine - Today I am swimming in the fog

Today it is the kind of day where it will help just looking back on yesterday!
I knew the week ahead was going to be full of complicated issues over short sales and loans, impossible people and desperate one. It was shaping up to be the kind of a week that would make it difficult to even recognize a happy person if you saw them. I definitely needed an attitude adjustment to steel myself for what lies ahead. How best to do this????? That's easy.
So at 8am I headed down the hill and off on the trail to SF.
Along the way I managed to have a few business calls, but still enjoy the cool, breezy, foggy morning. I left with my pink puffy vest on and came home with a tank top and a heat rash. But I also came home with a clearer head. Take a look at the pictures and I will wrap up the rest of the story later.....

At the Bay model - The Army Corp of Engineer boats

See the pink puffy! I needed it....

The breeze was whapping the flags along Marinship

A different kind of railing.

The Lighthouse is a local breakfast spot in Sausalito

See that persistent fog out on the bay - Looking past Scoma

So grey it is hard to see that BIG yacht!

A house Patti and I watch being built... Note the RED TAG on the railing.

Does this bridge look inviting or cold?!

Ok people put away your missles!

Tourists looking out at the fog encased bridge

Lots of bikes as usual. This is a group of kids.....

One layer down.... Bye Bye puffy.

No.... it's not that... It's a banana slug!

Nasturtiums on the hillside

Kids bundled up playing on the beach. The little boy closest to the water had been throwing those rocks at this little brother....

Pretty pink puff flowers on Crissy Field

Heading above Fort Mason toward Aquatic Park. Alcatraz in the background

Better view of the island

Pit stop at Maritime Museum

Fisherman Wharf boats

Fisherman Wharf Crabs

Press Conference on the Embaradero... Gavin Newsome - Talking about the oil spill in the gulf

I ran late for the ferry so I had to RUN! Thus, tank top time on the ferry. Headed back to the office.
When I got back to the office crisis #495 had boiled over while I was gone. I ran into Myriam outside and she had one of those looks that said "I've had enough of this day!" I sat down to write a wise and calm email to our client. I copied in the team and received accolades for how measured and calm I was. Hey, it's my secret. If I hadn't been out on that walk I would have been on the ceiling.
Training for the 3-day has become much more than just getting ready to walk 60 miles in 3 days. Training for me is the way I keep sane. I find if I can't get out there, just about everything suffers. Last year my work load was such that I could cut away more frequently than this year. Now, it seems my walks are further but less frequent. It is time to get in a few walk to lunch moments. Some walk to the beach in the am times. Never have I ever seen a more stressful time in people's lives. The economy, the fear of the economy and the uncertainty of the future literally has people frozen in place. I think the answer to that isn't much different than what I am doing.... you have to get moving.
Holding you breath and waiting for things to get better is not a strategy, its a sure way to stay stuck. So come on people, are you with me? Get up get going!
Walk! Buy houses! Try new things! Breath! Dance!
Make this day a brand new day - You call the shots.
And while you are at it....
RSVP for the best time all year at the WINE WARS II!
I need you to be there to make it a success - but more than that - I need you there to make it FUN!