Sunday, June 13, 2010


From the moment I woke up, it was obviously, today was going to be hot. The breeze, whipping through the trees, made you feel like you were in the middle of the "drying" portion of the car wash... Swishhh Whoosh.... But whereas the wind in our area is usually a cool sea breeze, this was more like the Santa Ana winds I remember from Southern California, dry, warm and getting warmer by the second.
8:00 am
Glenn was going to go sailing. And as he always does before the race he checked out the conditions on the internet and at our shady little temperature spot out the kitchen. Here is was 8 am and already the temperature was 77. This was shaking out to be ... a hot one.
Since Stephanie didn't have anything to do, and her husband Chuck, my husband Glenn and our walking buddy Dada were going to be out on the water. Stephanie joined me for a Marin walk. The forecast had called for this kind of weather and so I had posted a question on Facebook about here I should walk. One person said, "Not that I am saying you are old, but around her the old folks go to the mall in hot weather..." Ahemmmmm, no offense taken.... but there had to be somewhere to walk where I could at least get refreshed mid way... I decided we should walk to Tiburon and have lunch.
Stephanie at Lyford house.
Guaymas.... Cooling off
You couldn't have found a more brilliant day. Everything was sparkling as we hit the trail along Richardson Bay. The walk to Tiburon was made so much better by the conversation and the very very welcomed breeze. By the time we made it to Guaymas it was high time to drink a margarita and nosh on some chips. Looking out over the bay the sailboats seemed to have plenty of wind to get around, but the it was calming some. By the time we left to make our return walk... it was barely a whisper. The temperatures had climbed into the 90s and we walked with a determination to find the next patch of shade.

Heading back.....
The walk totalled 9 miles. From the Strawberry Shopping Center to Downtown Tiburon and back. We came back to the house intent on cooling off and getting ready to meet the boys at the San Francisco Yacht Club. The minute I walked into house it was like someone turned on the water spigot. Sweat poured out of me like a water fountain with a leak.... I took a quick look at our temperature in the sun and saw.... OH my... Can that be right??? Of course not... it was 93 in my car... but 125+ in the sun.
3:30 PM

Too much for the dog....
Later, I will have some photos of the rest of our day.....
I have decided the past couple of weeks have been, on a personal level the kind I really really enjoy. I have worked, but still had the time to enjoy my family and friends. The time I have talked to walk has been my own personal enlightenment, and I find weeks where I haven't been able to "get out there", I am as surly as I can get. The idea that in walking I can help end Breast Cancer is just all the much better.
Stephanie and I discussed Wine Wars and how... we need you to RSVP and buy your tickets. The evening we are planning will astound you... it will be so much fun. So..... go to and do it NOW!!!!