Monday, June 7, 2010

Rocky Mountain Adventures #2 - Graduation

The big morning arrived and we all woke up. I demanded a Starbuck's run. Somehow I didn't think I could get through the day without my Cappuccino. That gave Chris sometime to get up and prepare our breakfast. He made a very tasty German Apple Pancake. The house smelled of that warm apple and cinnamon and was the best way in the world to begin a great day.

I couldn't think of a better time to give Allison her graduation presents.

I have to say I am enormously proud of Allison for many reasons but one is her ability to take responsibility. Since she move to New Mexico, Allison has paid for most if not all her education through getting loans or scholarships or just by plain old hard work. She has held as many as 3 jobs at a time to pay for her education. It isn't lost on me the stress that may have added to the process for her. But what I see is a girl who has become quite self reliant and strong. I think she truly has grown enormously as much from this personal responsibility as from the books and teaching. She deserved to get a present!

Dexter looked on approvingly.

A couple of years ago, their home was broken into and all of Allison's jewelry was stolen. One of the things they took was Allison' graduation present (from U of Utah) given to her by Patti. This a was a great opportunity to replace it!

Don't you love those talking cards??? I think they are FAN TAS STICK!

I guess I thought it was funny.

Then it was time to get ready for the BIG party... GRADUATION!

A Kodak moment.....

Ok she is taller than me... and Glenn is too.

Patti, Allison and Chris are ready to roll...
Dexter has to stay behind.

Allison looked beautiful as we headed toward the reception prior to the graduation.

DU is a beautiful campus. It's brick and towered buildings remind me of UOP...
There are water features throughout the campus as well...

With lily pads!
The Korbel School provided champagne and snacks before the graduation. This gave us an opportunity for one of many toasts!

It was great to meet some of Allison's friends including these gals from her Costa Rica trip.

We also got to meet her very jolly communication's professor.

A big TV screen ran the names of the Josef Korbel Graduates...
Mother and Daughter

After the reception it was time to get ready for graduation and head over to the Richie Center..
Everyone had an opinion on how to put on that hood... It took several tries to get it right. Thank goodness for spouses and Godmothers.

Off she went ... while we climbed to the nose bleed section for the graduation!

It was amazing how many graduates there were from the different schools within the University. They say they have about an equal number of undergrads and graduates. The place quickly filled up.

Quite an impressive event.

After graduation was over, we looked high and low for Allison. I have to remember for the NEXT time we need to have a plan to find each other in the crowd. Long after most of the people had gone, we decided to walk back to the car in hopes Allison had returned there to wait...and she had. Yep...Did I say she has an MA...
The next thing was to run off to dinner. We had reservations at the Buckhorn Exchange. Getting there we were stuck in traffic in an art walk that stretched for bocks and blocks...Finally we arrived.

Where we drank champagne and ate food only a carnivore would love....

It was the perfect place to kick back. The oldest restaurant in Denver, festooned in animal heads and paraphernalia.
And a place that Chris likes too. Menu items included Buffalo, Elk, Rabbit, Quail, Ostrich and the cursory beef , chicken and pork.

Lots of atmosphere .....

With a notable past.

If animals could talk....

They'd say let go to the bar to toast Allison's big day!