Monday, March 22, 2010


This past weekend in Marin, my honey and I went adventuring.
We imagined what it would be like being an explorer, before the Bay had been discovered. Picturing the Bay over time as schooners and lumber ships would come up Richardson Bay.

As we started our walk at De Silva Island, we imagined what it would have been like with the Miwoks on the island. And we took in how development has changed this little corner of Marin.

The homes are beautiful, some of the most lovely in the world, with an enviable lifestyle that goes with it. The views from these Bay side communities is completely wonderful. Whether the view is of shorebirds hard at work or the sparkling city in the distance, people travel the world and are never treated to such views. Here some luckiest people have these views...daily.

From De Silva Island (a peninsula surrounded by marshland) along Seminary Cove, to Strawberry Point, we walked the streets and trails nearby. We took a right down to a small park and from there (since it was low tide) we walked around the shore until we came to Strawberry Spit. Glenn took most of the photos, and when I get them I will load them here... but for now... here's my cell phone pics...

The following day we worked. Then we went down to Burlingame to visit Glenn's Dad. It was great to have had one good day of walking under our belts. 7 miles isn't 20, but it was far enough to know, I love walking. I wish I could talk Glenn into joining our team. He'd be great....

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