Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday in Marin

Saturday was a spectacular day, and meant to be enjoyed outside. I was lucky to combine a little work, with walks. Starting at the Mill Valley dog park.
Sometimes, it takes a friend to get you walking...
Take a close look at the picture above. That Golden Retriever is actually walking, on leash, the other dog. She is holding the end of the red leash in her mouth, and she walked the other dog from the dog park all the way to their car. It may have been one of the cutest things I ever saw. I asked the owner how he taught the dog that trick and he said "Oh she taught herself that trick."

Once we got back to the house, Glenn went to work, and I left to walk to Molly Stones and the office. Off I went, goodbye house....

The pathway from the neighborhood has been lined with the forget-me-nots of the season.

And the little seasonal creeks are cutting through the ferns on their way down to the Bay.

Spring green is replacing the tired grass from winter.

Ducks are seen in couples this time of year. I saw at least five couples along the creek.

The air smells fresh and new.

Tennessee Valley Road fruit stand is open for business.

Snowy white egrets looking for marshland tidbits.

A duck couple staking their territory.
The male looking ever vigilant while the female is chilling out, or laying eggs which I am sure doesn't involve all that much chilling out for her.

To the office, with its dramatic views.

The office clock tower

Along Gate Five Road there are several car repair shops. This one had older models (my vintage), another works on Ferraris and Lotuses

When I got to Molly Stones there was a Jelly Belly Promotional motor home giving out samples.

After getting the groceries for dinner tonight (at Glenn's Dad's house), I head back to the office.
Along the way I met some clients, and talked about a house I think they should buy and set an appointment for later in the afternoon to show another couple a home. Smartphones help meto work while I walk... That's smart phone!

Back at the office I took a look at my fund-raising site
I have a goal of $5000. Currently my number sits at $1,900. I am hoping that by my birthday 4/30 I will have hit my goal. To do that I need your help! Anything will help. You can pay in installments if that is easier. Along this walk I also was emailing my friend who has just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I made a plan with her to bring soup over to her house and sit and help put all of this scary news into perspective. God, knows as I do, you can survive Breast Cancer. I am living proof. But we also know, many people have not. What we do, DOES matter.
The money raised for Susan G Komen WILL help us end cancer in our lifetimes.
Each day when I have the chance to walk I feel EXTREMELY empowered. I feel as if I am doing something about Cancer. Each step makes me feel as if I am getting more and more power over something that threatened to take my life. I feel as if ,with each step, the likelihood of our daughters having to face this is lessened. People ask me if I get tired of walking. The simple answer if no. The deeper answer is the walking invigorates me and give me purpose.
Thank you for making the way even more meaningful by donating.

And now another pair of walkers......