Monday, March 1, 2010

Ahhh it's crystal clear....

Teamie: Steppin Steph!

Yesterday, with a mostly clear sky, it was time to lace 'em up and head 'em out to San Mateo County.
Glenn and I stopped by his father's house where I made BLTs and served up nasty chips. We watched just a little bit of the US Canada Hockey game until the door rang. Tada, my teamie and friend Stephanie was there. She was dropped off by her husband Chuck, who gave us a ride to our starting point at Sawyer Trail Camp at Crystal Springs Reservoir.
After saying goodbye to Chuck I told Stephanie about the importance of stretching. I am a new believer in this very fundamental exercise. You don't stretch... you will break! We stretched and made our way onto the well traveled pathway. This is actually an old roadway and Steph told me about her younger days when she and her friends would drive along there. Now the way is crowded with every person who would want to walk or ride a bike on the one clear weekend day in awhile. We walked along leading the way and passing some people (like the little tikes on bikes) and old folk with canes... (no actually there were average people we passed too). But there were several power walkers, and runners who wove their way around us along their way.
The trail takes you along the reservoir and through lightly shaded groves of trees until you find you way to the one "outhouse" on the walk. As I approached this we ran into a troop of Cub Scouts. The cutest little boy announced "Hey We're Cub Scouts!" "We are going to ride our bikes for like 15 miles today!" Boy was he cute. I asked him to give me a Cub Scout salute and snap! Up went the two fingers smartly to the forehead. He brought a smile to both our faces.
During our walk we had a chance to talk about our kids, our jobs, the walk ...and more. That is one of the great gifts of the 3 day. It is a time to reconnect with friends and family in a way that is unlike any other.
By the time we reached the causeway across the reservoir, I realized I hadn't remember to take any pictures on my phone so I snapped a quick two. What you cant see the picture is the sound of 280 in the background that tells you, you are almost to the end of the 6 mile stretch. So we called to get our ride ... waited, stretch and ate a couple of sharkies... YES electrolytes are important!
Glenn picked us up to whisk us off to the Cihaks home in Pacifica where Chuck was busy getting the pizza oven ready. I am telling you, we are so lucky to have friend who know how to cook. YUMMMMMMM.
There were two other guests there along with Anthony (our Godson and Chuck and Steph's son) Joe from next door and his son Rostov (sp). This little boy had more energy than the entire 3 day put into one little body. What a sweet boy though. And I didn't mind it at all that he signaled me out to go on an adventure or two.
Good friends, a great walk, Great food and little ones. It was a good day.

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