Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why ask?

How would you like to spend the night here?

Well attend Wine Wars and bid on this auction item and you can win a night at Cavallo Point and Breakfast at Murray Circle!

I have had people tell me they could never walk in the 3 day because raising funds is so difficult. I have to admit, even for a salesperson like me asking people for money isn't my favorite thing to do. It isn't something I take lightly. But, when I do, and when people respond, I am always elated.

You don't have to scratch very deep to realize, Cancer has touched many lives. There is something very healing in feeling you can do something about that. People asked me what I got out of walking in the 3 day last year, and without hestitation my answer was my power.

I got my power back.

Whether you personally have battled cancer, or watched as someone you love battled this disease, you know at first you feel powerless. For me I felt this way for years after my illness (14 years in fact). For Patti too, last year's walk was a way to take back her life from a disease that threaten it. That is really quite a gift. But the 3 day is more than this, it is a way for all of us to do something about Breast Cancer.

When I ask you to come to Wine Wars, or donate to our walk realize I will not hate you if you do not want to, or if you cannot. Don't feel bad if this is not the year you will be able to participate. I would never be angry about soemthing like that. I will not. I would never feel that way. But please realize, I need to ask. Because if you DO want to donate and you DO want to come to Wine Wars, I would never want to keep that opportunity from you.

I have been amazed through this journey by people who THANKED me for asking them. I have had people walk up to me, when I was wearing a 3 day shirt and hand me money. One man said " my girlfriend lost her battle, thank you for walking" and then hand me a 5 dollar bill. In handing me that $5 he felt like he had done something about Cancer, and you know what, he had. He did even more than he realized. He gave the the energy and the encouragement I needed to walk further, raise more money and raise as much awareness as I personally can.

Visit www.WineWarsII as the donations start to arrive. It will be a great evening where we raise a glass and raise some funds to END CANCER in our lifetimes. I hope to see you there. If you can't make it, donate. If you can't donate, maybe you know of a business or service who can.