Friday, March 26, 2010

Training... Youngling style

Each of the team is at a different point when it comes to training.
Patti - has had some sort of horrendous coughing, icky bug that she hasn't quite been able to shake for weeks. So even though she was walking an easy 10 miles on our Cavallo walks, she is down to fewer or risk hacking fits.

Dana - Has sent me his reasonable, thoughtful schedule of adding steps along the way. He did note that walk takes a lot of time and wondered how we did it! It's an art Dana...

Stephanie - She has been walking in Pacifica whenever she can and just reported she and her husband Chuck walked 10 miles this Saturday up and down the coast.

Allison - Emailed me to tell me she is signing up for a training program called Couch. It takes you from the couch to a 5 K in 9 weeks. Then she plans on attacking the mountains on roads so as the be better trained for SF. Last year she was well trained on the flat, but those hills..... they can get ya.

Katie - Up in the Northwest has had rain to deal with for a lot of the year. Now she has a new job, so finding the time will be more of a challenge. BUT honestly, for me that kind of busy-ness makes me more determined.

Cathy Shea - I am hoping is out there training. I haven't heard from her. She has RSVP ed for Wine Wars but I hope she will be able to make our training walk in April.

Me - well you have been reading about my walks. They have been shorter than I might like. The balancing act this year between work and walk, has been somewhat more challenging. But now that the weather has improved, the walking MUST move up the to do list. Today with the perfect walking weather and a somewhat clear calendar, I went to my contract class dressed and ready to take off to walk.

The minute I hit the door, I felt like 400 pounds were lifted from my shoulder. I only realize how much these days are essential for my mental health, when I haven't had one. Today, the smile came back to my face, the horizon seemed cleared and the future somehow seemed brighter than ever. Just by opening the door and walking out .... Ahhhh....

My walk took me from Corte Madera to Larkspur, through Kentfield to Ross to San Anselmo and back through San Rafael to Glenn's office and a ride back to my car in Corte Madera. When I finished, I felt like I could go three times as afar. That's a good thing because on the 3 day I will... three times as far, three days in a row! This walk to my disappointment only totalled 7.5 miles. I should have walked to Fairfax like I had originally planned, next time.
Follow my steps....
Leaving the Alain Pinel office in Corte Madera, you walk by Redwood High School and Greenbrae Marina.

Poppies are blooming again!

Escalle Winery (now a private residence) ones along Magnolia Street

At R'ho Thai in Kentfield stopping for lunch, along Corte Madera Creek.

All by myself.....

Masonic Hall in Kentfield.

Heading into Ross, there were some beautiful tulips...

The colors like the brightest paintings....

LOVE this gate!

Ross School still being rebuilt after the flood a few years back...It will be beautiful.

At the Seminary

LOVE those stone buildings

Stained glass doesn't look like the same thing from the outside!

Montgomery Memorial at Seminary

I stopped at Susan's Storeroom for some Easter supplies.

Lincoln Park at Bank Street in San Anselmo

Lilacs blooming....
I just like the combination they offer....
Blues Brothers at Matteuccis

Look very carefully to the top of the hill...that is George Lucas's house. ( I am not kidding Laura....) The property extends across the entire ridge.

Barking growling pit bull in a jacket. Why do Pit Bulls wag their tails while they bark and growl?

Along Greenfield heading from San Anselmo into San Rafael.
Glenn swears by this lock company.
Good people, good attitud, good service.

Electra bikes on Fourth Street...look at that kooshy seats!

Street grate on Fourth.... Pretty nice!

Car repair place, had two of my childhood cars... Mercedes 190 Sl and a Pontiac GTO

Bordenaves French Bread since 1918 in San Rafael

Easter's coming....

Marin Joes

Glenn and I often go here for a quick lunch...

The old Beverly's Fabrics and Crafts is the new site of Marin History Museum's Rock exhibit...being prepared now...

Puerto Rico on the corner of Fourth and Lincoln.

Glenn's office

Even here you can see Spring raising it's hand and saying "I'm here!"

Each of us are moving at our own pace. Sometimes we are walking alone, sometimes we are walking with people we love.

Today's walk was one where I could recharge my motivational batteries... This weekend I will be grabbing my favorite folks to explore with, walk with and enjoy this beautiful place we call home. Tune back in and see where I go.... in the meantime, take a word of wisdom from me. The view will never improve if you keep staring at the corner you have got yourself stuck in. Turn around, turn around and walk... you will see immediately, how much you have been missing.