Sunday, March 14, 2010

When the sun shines...

A picture speaks a thousand words... So read about my walk today on this beautiful day....
I will return later to fill you in on the details.

Glenn was off sailing. I had the day off. The sun was shining like a welcome beacon calling, come out and play, so I did. I headed up the street into the heights of Marinview to the trailhead, leading to MiWok trail.

The gate crosses Countyview Road, but there is a spot to sneak around. Then you're off, on the trail, heading ever upward to the crest of the coastal mountains.

Before I reached the trail I ran into two different neighbors. One I spoke with about the market, the other warned me about Mountain Lions. To both I said, "don't' worry about me, "I know how to look big."

During the day I saw many birds, a few dogs, hikers and bikers, runners and people of all ages, but no Mountain Lions!

But mostly I saw VIEWS!

Isn't it amazing that all of this is out my own back door?
Another reason why Marinview is such a magical neighborhood to live in.

New hat... same old girl.

I could see trails off in the distance I have hiked before. This is Marincello.

The sparkly day, the views covered all of Southern Marin. Out to San Pablo Bay, over to Angel Island, to Tiburon and Mt Tam, then at last the ocean.

And along the way the wild flowers were beginning their yearly show.

Out over Tennessee Valley Trail to the Pacific.

More flowers.

Me and my shadow...

The poppy in bloom, the expanse of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area stretching out in the distance.

This portion of the trail was the Miwok Cutoff trail....
I heard the person in front of me remark, they should have guard rails on this trail.

Over to Mount Tamalpais

The Miwok trail (not the cut off)

Muir Beach

There were huge sections of purple on the hills above Muir Beach. It looked like what you would think heather might look like....

The waves along the beach, at Ocean Beach in SF.
We'll be there in October!

I saw this bright yellow flower growing here and thought...
"Have you ever found yourself in a rut?"
Heading down toward Muir Beach. I kept walking until I saw a very steep decline...and I declined to take it. I headed back.

But I took a wrong turn and started down into Tennessee Valley. I turned around half way down the hill to retrace my steps. I had a 3 pm meeting to attend and the Tennessee Valley walk would have taken too long...

Here's the turn I needed to take at the Coyote Ridge Trail.

Along the trails and off in the landscape are old abandoned fences. They used to hold back grazing stock, but now they provide great perspective for your photos.

Heading back to Countyview on the MiWok Trail, I got to scoot through this wonderful stand of Eucalyptus. I am sure their days are numbered. They are not native to California, and there is a plan to remove all non native plants in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Close up of bark...

I walked along past the trailhead at Marin Drive.

Then I walked back home. Down, down , down the hills until I could hear the dogs welcome me. Before my meeting I quickly loaded the photos for you to enjoy.
One other great thing that happened on the hike was the young couple who called out to me after seeing my pink tee-shirt. "Hey is that the walk that went through Sausalito last year?!' I got to talk to them about the walk, and why I am walking. They promised to look up Team:Are We There Yet? Who knows, maybe they will even make a donation!
And maybe you will too.