Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blowing the carbon out

This morning the sun was brilliant. It danced off my wall downstairs in the house and coaxed me out from the comfy covers and off to do something I have been WAITING for.... get in a LONG walk under sunny skies.
I stopped to pick up my I-POD (which I never even used on the walk!)
You know that light in the earlier morning. That pure light... that gracious light that seems to wake up the earth with its insistence.
I texted messaged Patti to see if she was up and wanting to go along with the Ferry in Sausalito.

I stopped to pick her up and headed off together.....
We said goodbye after a nice walk and talk.... and I joined the working crowd onto the Ferry.

Crisp and clear morning stirs the Sausalito hillsides.


I thought about what it would be like to be commuting on the Ferry. Does the view get boring after awhile? I can't imagine it would...not on a day like today!

This commuter looked to me like she should be in Paris!

I grabbed a coffee and muffin at Pete's before starting my walk back to the office in Sausaltio.

Looks like I missed Pier 23 on the Food Network!

I am trying to find things I haven't shot before.... along the Embarcadero...

Have I told you that taller building with the tall flagpole is where former the Secretary of State James Baker lives.Coming up to Pier 39

The sculpture was glaring the sunlight.....

More "art"

I do like this crab... it's body is living art.

The sea lions have returned (sort of) to Pier 39

Forbes Island

The Ferry Arch and the Jeremiah O'brien beyond.

Boudins on the wharf...
From the back.

These venerable restaurant are what I have seen in old photos of my childhood trip to SF.
The Franciscan

Fisherman's Grotto

Oh... I slipped over to see the old sub...



The Fisherman and Mariners Memorial Chapel

Boats at Fisherman's Wharf

A tobacco shop.

My pitstop the Mariner's Museum

Ghiradelli Square

The Dolphin Club

Aquatic Park

Still undergoing renovations
Some of the 30's vintage mosaics...
This time I walked out the Aquatic Park pier.

Beautiful views out here...

Back at the Hyde Street Pier...

Out toward Fort Mason

These notices were everywhere. They say $1000 per infraction...
There were about 100 crabs in buckets and bags on this pier. No one seemed concerned.
They mostly were too small to be taken too. I wanted to call them in.....
He has about 10 in that bag!

But I pressed onward and took in the views instead.

Looking out to the bridge over Ft. Mason

The mounted police were busting some vagrants.
Guess who.

Clilpper Round the world yachts... Cape Brenton and Jamaica

My new shirt ... (I washed it since and the writing smeared and faded). But while crossing the bridge someone noticed the back which says 15 year survivor and said "CONGRATULATIONS!"
More of those world class yachts

More ...Singapore


Crissy Field

One of those yachts out on the bay...
People on the beach at Crissy

Up to the bridge

Poppies on the hill.

The light on the bridge...

On the way...

East Road is closed which meant I needed to go down Alexander into Sausalito

A different view of Cavallo Point

Down Alexander with bikes, cars and other people

I stopped for lunch with Patti at the Bayside. Then fully refreshed headed back to the office.

When I see the seaplane I know I am almost there!
I have crazy busy times I am so glad I had the chance to seize the day!!!!
Also feeling glad to be in those double digit miles. I was back to work by 2 pm...NOT BAD!