Friday, April 9, 2010

thank God it's Friday! and Sunny!!!!

Ok, this is a day where I cannot expect you to feel anything but jealous of....

Yesterday as I looked at the weather forecast, I decided it would be a great day to walk to Tiburon. I asked Glenn if he could possibly meet me there and have lunch at Sam's (This way I could snag a ride back and still have half a day to work!) Originally he said sure... But then he decided he had too much work to there you go... what should I do?

In the morning I decided to head off anyway with the fall back plan of calling a cab to get back to Mill Valley. (My real plan was to send cute little texts and hope Glenn would change his mind....).

The problem with walking to Tiburon from my office is you can't get there easily. You have to walk along the Mill Valley bike path until past the dog park, then head over to Eucalyptus Knoll and on to the frontage road, back track south to the overpass, then head back north until you can make a turn at Strawberry Village, past the Strawberry Rec Center until you hit Tiburon Blvd. All in all it is a very round about way to go. But a very interesting walk today.

I love the light in the morning, especially when you walk along the waters edge. The mirrored reflections of the surrounding hills and buildings in the water seem like an artist's vision.

When I reached the last patch of water before the dog park I heard quite a ruckus. The Canadian Geese are in defensive mode right now. I don't know if they are mating right now, or if eggs have just been laid, but there are a lot of ruffled feathers. I watched the game for awhile as one goose chased away another goose, as the ganders watched. All of a sudden a BIG white blur came flying into the water. The dog looked like a large poodle, and he was intent on disturbing the ducks. One person walking by said "That's terrible" I agreed "That's really bad!" There was one woman who shook her head and kept on walking. Then later I saw... the white dog was hers. She seemed to be purposefully ignoring the dog.... Oh well....

I then ran into some of the folks we have come to recognize when we walk our dogs at the park. It was nice to say hello... "You still walking??? How's the Real Estate Market????"

After the 17.25 mile walk the other day I have to admit I was a little tight today. So I made a point of stretching more and stopping to take a few pictures.
Along the way I was texting to Glenn and finally called him. I was glad to know he agreed to meet me at Sam's. I knew it would do both of us good to take a little time in the middle of a busy busy day. A little taste of what is important in the midst of stressful and sometimes challenging work days.

Once on the deck at Sam's I sat back and waited for Glenn to join me. I remember so many fun times at Sam's. Many times we take our boat there to entertain guests. Glenn has an app on his I phone with a live cam of the deck at Sam's. We found out our table was just out of view... ah ha no witnesses.
Glenn took me back to my office and we have both gone on with the rest of our day, much more relaxed than if we hadn't taken the time to enjoy this beautiful day.

As I walked today I also did a little business. A listing of mine received an offer yesterday. I had been waiting to get paperwork from both parties... and there I could see it on my phone. Everything was there. Now its cross your fingers and hope we move smoothly to a close of escrow...Knowing full well many escrow do fall apart, I am hoping and praying this won't be one of them.

ENJOY the walk!

Leaving the office...

The MV bike path

Geese at play?

Goose chasing away the competition

The gals watch

I think this dog's name is Ricky

There's the BAD dog

The bridge to Eucalyptus Knoll

Looking back at dog park

Pathside flowers

Shelter Bay

Pelosi owns these restaurants

Ferrari anyone?

Call me crazy I love this photo

Gardening and Landscape

Children's play houses... Allison and Katie had cardboard ones...

Strawberry Village

Grey Heron
Mount Tam

Lyford House

A little house on Greenwood Beach Rd.

Houses on Greenwood Beach Road.... They all have views of SF


This goose didn't care for me sitting there.

He let me know by staring me down.

I kept walking..

Looking over to the bridge

Don't you love dogwood?

SAMS!Waiting for Glenn... looking back at the cafe.

Over to a few little cottages

Corinthian Yacht Club

Burger and Bud

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