Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pt San Pedro - end to end

What a girl does on a Thursday... cause she can!
This morning I couldn't make the office meeting because I was meeting a client to show him a home. The day other than that was completely open. The skies were blue. I have busy times ahead, so I got on my walking clothes and tied up the shoes and headed to San Rafael.
I have done a lot of walking over the bridge when trying to get in longer walks, so I decided to head the other way. I parked under the freeway near Glenn's house and off I went.

Down Lincoln Avenue....

Down Brookdale and past the old steps to Glenn's old office... It is so strange to see the house gone in favor of a wider freeway...

Up and over toward Los Ranchitos...

Peeking over the fence at the tennis court at 10 Glenside where we had a GREAT fundraiser for our 3-day last year.

Taking a turn east on North San Pedro Road.

Up to Civic Center

The beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright building with its amazing details... Gates like the emerald city.

The hallways flooded with light in the atrium

After a potty break, off again down North San Pedro Road... Santa Venetia

I stopped in an open house of Steve Pringle's. Wish I had some cash. Its a cute one.

Bus stop with a message

Along the side of the road... a duck in water.

As I reach China Camp there is a warning sign that there is an upcoming marathon. Note: Last year there was no warning and I was stuck in the middle of a triathlon. The road was closed and it was quite the .... moment.

Here is where I am missing my camera. This phone takes ok little pictures, but stinks at zooming... and the color not nearly as vibrant... but here we go... there is a bird on top of that post.


The sign at China Camp

Me and the sign

Classic California landscape

Flowers on the road...

Can't see that purple hill can you?

A few artists were working....

More flowers

The bayfront...


Flowers redux

Ok.. when you are walking... you really appreciate rest stops. Problem is with the budget crisis half of them were closed..... like this one.

Madrone and the bay

At the edge of the point there were three people fishing. It was kinda high off the water, so I wondered about pulling them in from there....

Flowers on the trail

An old foundations.

People enjoying the nice day.. at a hidden beach


Flowers framing the view

Walking along the trail toward China Camp...

China Camp Beach

Picturesque place....

The pier at China Camp

Photo op


From inside a shack

Weathered buildings...

Back to flowers



Heading up Point San Pedro on the other side.

The Rock Quarry in the background

Pictures out to the quarry and the brick foundry
Ditto. I would like to have a tour someday... The drivers of the trucks that were leaving here waved to me. Half of them had on turbans like Sikhs.

The seawall along the road in front ot Peacock Gap.

Iceplant flower

Looking up the seawall I saw a number of birds.

Like these ducks

These sandpipers

This couple is ducky!

Some of the waterfront homes have little piers, like this one with a studio on it.

At Lockh Lomond Marina, I stopped to eat some lunch from Andy's Market and enjoy the harbor views.


Coming into town and looking across the canal, there is a stone "lighthouse."

Heading toward Glenn's office I decided to peak over the fence at the studio that sits behind the office... It isn't very attactive is it.

But Dotty... well Dotty is quite attractive. She is the mannequin in Glenn's office's tub....

After finishing the walk I drove back to my office. And low and behold... there it was ... THE SIGN! So glad we finally have it there, now everyone will know we are in business in Southern Marin.

When I was at Andy's market I picked up my favorite cheese... Mt. Tam by Cowgirl Cremery. My favorite cheese, not just because it is absoultely YUMMY, but because they are an amazing company. They just donated lunch for four, and a tour of their Pt Reyes cremery to Wine Wars! THANKS!!!!
Have you RSVPed yet? Remember it is August 13th 6-9 at the Mill Valley Golf Clubhouse.