Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life's little surprises

"Sometimes you just get a feeling" she said as I confirmed her suspicion that I was a Cancer Survivor.

My newest clients had come from out of state. Yesterday we were out and about in a heavy drizzle, looking for a place for them to rent when they relocate. My client and her family had been referred to me by a past client. I had prepared a tour to give them a good idea of what was currently available, careful to include different areas and slightly different homes. It was a grey and wet day and views were not going of be the hightlight of the tour. I didn't think the day would end up to be one of those moments where the stars align and you find a not just a client but a fellow warrior.

My client is in her fourth year of survival from Cancer. She received a phone call from a Doctor she had never met giving her the news. (I received a phone call from a Doctor I had never met, giving me my news). Her greatest lesson she says was "Letting go and letting people help her." My greatest lesson was allowing people to help me. Similarities for sure.

But her battle differed from mine in that she was told how precarious her situation at the time was. If her treatment hadn't worked she would have died in months. Thank God, the treatment has worked. For this type of cancer they say the first 5 years are critical. If you can reach year five you have won. It is a finish like medical folks have agreed is fair to place out there for people to focus on. In my case I told her, I never ever thought I would not make it, but for sure knew there were people around me who thought I wouldn't.

There is this kinship that happens when one cancer survivor meets another. There are feelings you know that only a cancer survivor would share. Both my client and I had children in our lives as we battled our illness. We both know how the idea of not being there for those children is a fire that keeps you focused on survival. A fellow chemo survivor knows how you feel after a treatment. How your sweat smells like the medicine they have given you. How you want to be able to hop up and go on with your day, but you just cannot. They know what it feels like to wear a scratchy wig, feeling quite peculiar and un-attractive and like there is a spotlight on you. How you feel at any moment someone will point their finger at you and bust out laughing. They know how it feels when instead someone approaches you to tell you how beautiful you look.

A survivor know what it feels like to look at a parent who is afraid you are going to die. They know how your faith is tested, and how your spirit has been given the opportunity to grow beyond anything imaginable. When a survivor meets a survivor, it is like finding another piece of their own story. We are all connected.

I told Glenn about our meeting and he said, "And this was all on a first date? It sound like you had a special day." Yes, it was a very special day. So glad to welcome this family to Marin. I look forward to being their Realtor and am so glad I found another.... "sister".

Speaking of which...

I have a special request. The woman I mentioned earlier in the blog, Kathi who is battling stage 4 Cancer , could use some cheering up. If you could send me some cards that I can send her I would appreciate it. Send them to Cathy Youngling, 100 Shoreline Hwy #115B, Mill Valley CA 94941. Kimmi her daughter felt they might help a lot. THANKS it would be a fine thing to do this day before Easter.