Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter ... A hop over to the beach, pouring rain and bourbon Ham

This Easter was different than those past. We would get up early and see what the Easter Bunny had brought. There would be egg hunt #1 at the house. Then, I remember getting the girls all decked out in their new dresses, white glove, mary janes with lace trimmed ankle socks, bow placed in their hair and making our way to church. After church it would be off to Brunch at our club, then down the peninsula to Easter dinner and another egg hunt at Oma and Opa's.

Things change.
Now the girls are off living their own adult lives. And Glenn and I, well we are living our lives too. Still you can't help but miss the excitement of those little girls throughout Easter day as one after the other fantastic surprise thrilled them. Later the girls took turns dressing as the Easter Bunny at the club. Felix would make them their Shirley Temples while we sipped on our Mimosas. Honestly what a happy time that was.

This Easter Glenn and I didn't go to church, but we did something else that puts your spirit in the right place, we walked together. The forecast called for rain later in the morning and as luck would have it we made it all the way to and from the beach before the skies opened up.

I spent the rest of the day getting ready for Glenn's family to come over. Unfortunately his Dad has still not felt able to come to our house. It has been over 2 years now since he has been here. He worries about everything. It saddens my heart that this fear is paralyzing him in ways his knee never did.

But Glenn's sister, Tom her partner, his aunt, his cousin and her husband all joined us for Ham dinner in the pouring rain. I almost called to tell them not to come, it was raining so hard, I worried about people driving. We spoke with my father in San Diego and his wife Sandy. I think I got a text message from Allison. I texted Katie, but didn't hear back. As nice as the dinner was it was a far cry from the old days.

Things change and we have to change with them. I feel completely blessed to have my husband by my side to figure out just how we are going to to this, when ever fiber of my being wishes we all could be together and we all could be close in heart, mind and body.

I'll tell you what walks do help.
Enjoys a few pictures of our Easter weekend. I hope you enjoyed yours. And if you have little ones growing up right in front of your eyes, savor the moments. They pass by so quickly.

The view from Strawberry/Seminary to the city on Saturday...Ok not Easter but still a beautiful view!
Heading off to Tennessee Beach....

My walking buddy

Early morning rider

Pretty caterpillar... Reminded me of the children's book "Hungry Caterpillar"

At the beach...

Wreckage of the Tennessee
Creek running to the ocean

From whence it came

The glory of nature...even the rocks
Table for 7
Place setting, got the chicks on my walk to San Anselmo

Peonies and Spring Flowers

Table... I do this so rarely I guess I took alot of pictures!

Despite what Glenn and Tucker told me, they are not the Easter Bunny.
Allison created an event on Facebook.... It is about ending Cancer and I think she is a little surprised that people have declined to join. She did ask for a $10 donation to Susan G Komen. She has 750 facebook friends and pointed out a $10 donation times 750 would be $7500!
I think she is learning what I have over time. People sometimes just don't understand the importance of such a gesture. The $10 may pay for a couple of beers, but $10 to a person's passionate support of a cause means the world to them and does so much good when that donation is added to others. The collective power of all of us together can change the world. I explained to her some people are too busy, not connected enough, or simply just don't get it... She shouldn't take that kind of response personally.
But I know that is a hard lesson to learn.
You can donate to her efforts at http://www.the3day.org/goto/Allison2010
Kate is out there too trying her hand at fundraising so she can join us in the walk. Her page is at http://www.the3day.org/goto/Katie
Thanks for considering it......