Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning!

The morning came to Mill Valley without even then softest whisper of a breeze. The sun was out in all its glory in what promised to be a warm and wonderful day. I wandered in our garden and surveyed the glory of spring in the blooms on the apple tree. The sweet scent letting me know, this is the best time of the year.... a good day to go for a walk.

Team member Dana has asked if we were planning to do a walk this weekend. This is a rare weekend that I didn't have an open house scheduled, so we made plans to meet at 10am and head off for a training walk.

When Dana arrived, we said goodbye to the dogs and headed down the hill to park at my office. For some reason our office is the Southern Marin Firefighters staging ground for drills. When they do this they block off the entire parking lot. So we parked a little ways off and joined the dozens of people already on the Sausalito Bike path, heading into Sausalito.
Glenn has an I phone and it is relatively new to him. Getting the phone ready to read our distance, takes a few minutes, because I believe it is a lot like asking for directions. Guys just don't want to "read the manual..." But once he had the phone ready to be our eyes from the sky, off we went. I took them in and out of the houseboat communities, and long the waterfront. We walked to Vahalla, and reversed course to have lunch at the club.
After lunch (and a glass of chardonnay) we started back toward Mill Valley. It has hard to leave the warm deck with it beautiful view.
As we were walking along Pelican Harbor Dana saw our friend's car. Larry and Sharon has a new motor yacht and Glenn and I had never seen it before. We took the opportunity to head down E dock to take a look. Its beautiful and quite a different experience from a sailboat. With all the comforts of home plus a glass of wine....I could have stayed awhile here as well! Today was shaping up to be a different kind of training walk.
Larry and Sharon offered to donate a cruise on this great boat for Wine Wars! It could be the showdown of the auction items. Haz Wa versus (I think they are re-naming their boat E-Cruise). Invite your friend to come to Wine Wars and bid, maybe they will take you along! Larry also is very generously donating wine and will be pouring for the Henry Wine Group. We are luck to know him and so appreciate this great support.
We pried ourselves away to go back to where we had come from. But along the way we stopped at Schoomaker to watch all the people who had come to the little beach there to enjoy the beautiful weather. There were children playing the sand, collecting flowers while parents and grandparent watched. There were kayakers and dingy sailors all enjoying the warm temperatures.
Those warm temperatures had me glad I had worn a tank top and shorts. I thought about Glenn in his black shirt and thought.... I bet he is hot!
After getting to the car we returned home and downed a few glasses of water. Dana left to go off to judge a sailing race, saying "We'll get there by October..."
Yes we will Dana, yes we will. And we will have more great days like we had today.