Wednesday, July 14, 2010

16 Miles...... Back to the training trail....

Since July 2 (Creekside Friday) Glenn rightfully has complained, people have been keeping him "liquored up." And unfortunately, there really hasn't been all that much walking going on. Not with the birthdays, and the national holidays and well.... work.

Today I set out, to change that.
I had a meeting scheduled for 6:45 and I felt I could slip away until 4 or so to get in that walk.

Besides the morning gave every sign we would be having a BEAUTIFUL day. A great insurance agent and friend Jo Bryson had asked if we could have lunch together. She wanted to kick around a few business ideas. I text-ed messaged her to meet me in Tiburon, because... I decide that was where I was headed.

I walked along the familiar Coyote Creek toward Richardson Bay. There is no short cut to Tiburon. You have to walk down the MV Sausalito Bike path and cut over at the middle school. The air was beautiful, fresh and smelling of summer and the bay. Birds were out enjoying the receding tide, looking for a snack in the shallow waters.

The geese these days are everywhere. I thought they were supposed to be Canadian!

I cut over at the Dog Park and only felt a wee bit guilty the dogs weren't with me. I would take them, but Tucker is only good for a mile or so..... That won't do.

I thought there must be a few people taking the day off. Warm, blue skies after so many days of fog can do that to someone.

A group of people for keeping the bay beautiful were on a mission.

Mt Tam

Look at that tide... I would say its OUT!

After crossing to the Tiburon side of the freeway, I headed down to Tiburon Blvd. Then off on Greenwood Bay and past the Lyford House.

The Tiburon Bike path starts at Blackie's Pasture and the people were out in numbers you'd expect on weekend.

On one of the playing fields young mothers looked like they may be in a Mommy Boot Camp.

The fog was still clinging to the bridge as I came nearer to Belvedere.

Such a pretty walk.

I walked by Belvedere Lagoon and then down Cove, before taking a turn toward Tiburon. There it is. Corithian Island. I could definitely live there.

When I got to Tiburon I realized I had walked a little quicker than I thought. I had about 45 ins to kill before I would be meeting Jo, so I walked on ....

Along Shoreline Park toward Paradise Drive

I had a good view of Angel Island

Then came to the stone tower. Built by Lyford it said. It stood on one side of a stone archway that bridged Paradise Drive in the old days.

It used to have wood sides and as you can see a fireplace. It acted as a small office.

Now there are views and it is a National Landmark. I turned around to head back for my lunch with Jo.


I sat on the deck and waited for Jo to come. I tried very very hard not to eat any chips and salsa... I failed. But I did a good job saying no to Tequila!

After a nice chat and lunch with Jo, I headed back. By the time I made it back, I was pretty darned pooped. My meeting with clients at 6:45 meant I had enough time to shower and prepare paperwork. When I met with them though, they had changed their minds about moving forward with a purchase they had thought they would pursue. Unfortunately, I had printed up all the paperwork over 70 pages and had the owner on alert for an offer to be coming in.... So I left with a new plan, and bad news for the seller.
This worked right now seems full of long shots and HARD work. Some of it will pay off... a lot of it won't . It doesn't mean you don't try... you always try. Eventually it will work out.
Like Wine Wars.... Our rep for Kendall Jackson is no longer with the company. It may be there will be no wine from them at all...but I haven't given up. I have a new person to call... and new wine donations from Calaveras. It will not only work out, it will be better than ever. YOU have to come! I know a lot of you have not RSVPed. To RSVP means, to visit and not only sign up, but send me (either via the website or by mail) $10 cover. I promise if you come you will eat well, drink the BEST wines, listen to fantastic music and.... help us end Breast Cancer in our lifetimes. What else can I say... I NEED YOU! Please RSVP.