Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two dolphins

As she sits on the water of the bay, the heavy fog lies like a blanket on the hills beyond her.
In waves it filters down encasing her with its chilling touch.
She sits adrift on the water like a boat without a rudder - with no winds in her sails.
Helplessly she seeks direction but everywhere she looks all she sees is grey.
Because she has nowhere to go, no way to get there, she thinks back on places she's been and people she's known.
She remembers Harry and Freda and when they were a compass in her life,
a time when they were her true North. She has missed them beyond measure.
She remembers how much he loved the water and how much Freda has been frightened by it.
She remembers how they both loved the fog and the coolness of the Bay a welcome reprieve from the climate of Philly.
She can picture their faces not in black in white but with such vividness it startles her.
She opens her eyes wide and sees on the water the dorsal fins of two dolphins.
There is no doubting these two are a pair.
They swim and dance on the water's surface with grace and a gentle freedom
As their movements mirror each other.
In this huge expanse of water they swim alongside the boat with a mission and a message.
As she watches them she suddenly understands that Harry and Freda are fine, there is no fear, they are happy, they are free.
As the sun breaks through the clouds a gentle breeze fills her sails.
She is carried over the water to even bluer skies and a safe harbor.
She sees the dolphins as they disappear in the distance.
She calls out to the horizon seeking the right words and all she can say is thank you.