Friday, July 16, 2010

Patti and me.... walking to lunch

There is a sure cure to feeling old.... take a walk. Ok, it doesn't always work that way, but I tell you what, if you take a walk with you good gal friend, it makes it feel like you are cutting school just like High School.

The conversations enviably are different, although Gossip surely is still a little part of the day, but these days we are way more likely to be talking about caring for parents than who said what to who....

The day was one of those classic Summer days in Southern Marin. We woke to fog and cool temperatures, and looked to the north and saw some bluing skies. So Patti and I decided we would take our walk to San Anselmo from Glenn's office in San Rafael.

First we stopped in to say hello to Glenn's mannequin Dotty... Yes he has a mannequin, I bought it for him... Ok, ok.... don't go there. The thing is his office has a bathtub that will never be used. We bought the mannequin to decorate the tub. Originally she was bikini clad, and then Glenn's staff dressed her in a mermaid outfit. There is a therapist who has an office in the building and she see kids. I have heard that more than once there has been more therapy needed after visiting the pink and green bathroom with the mermaid......

We headed toward San Anselmo walking down Fifth past the Mission San Rafael.

Patti was jealous that this bougainvillea grows so well here in San Rafael... It would be wind blown and fog challenged in Sausalito.

Summit bikes always have these great Electra Bikes outside. When you are walking and nursing a few sore muscles that cushy seat looks pretty darn tempting.

We walked down the miracle mile and took the right side ...right under George Lucas hill.

And voila we were in San Anselmo. Lots of conversation later....

We went antique shopping in San Anselmo before lunch. I bought a couple of egg coddlers.... I had to explain to the people who were selling them what they were....

I had given my only one to Glenn's Dad and I miss mine, so I bought two.

Patti hadn't been to Taco Jane's. This is a great little place on a side street in downtown San Anselmo. Patti liked it and I knew she would!

Ceverza anyone?

On the way back to our car through downtown San Rafael we went shopping. We visited the Pirates cave and thought Katie would like some of the things there. A few art stores and grabbed a gelato on 4th.... Then we were back to the car.

Before we parted ways, we drove to Sausalito and Ciao Bella. The very very nice business full of fine Italian Ceramic who agreed to donated a very very cool tea pot to our Wine Wars. Hey guys even if you don't come to Wine Wars, let me know what you would like to bid and I will bid on it for you at the Silent Auction. Retail value $295 who wouldn't want this!
Speaking of.... Wine Wars that is..... RSVP the time is NOW! We need to know who is coming so we can buy the right amount of food. We need your $10 to buy it too!!!!