Sunday, July 18, 2010

A walk before a BUSY week.....

The bridge stands at the entrance to a bay, that brings cooling air to the BIG Valley of California. The temperatures may be in the high 90s in Sacramento and that heat causes the cold sea air to be drawn in, via fog and wind. Summer as you may guess, is the windiest and foggiest time in the SF Bay Area. Those of us in Southern Marin feel this free air conditioning more than most.

When choosing a day to cross the bridge, factoring the wind and fog is a part of the decision. As you have seen in past posts, there are days when you could walk across the GG Bridge and never bother holding your hat, the sun so bright the winds so light, it defies the stereotype. But, in summer, it is even more difficult. Those days are fewer and often will not coincide with your own schedule. So it was in full knowledge that the crossing would be breezy Patti and I took off from Sausalito dressed in layers and ready for anything!

I wore my pink windbreaker and Patti her pink puffy. Both of us had long sleeve shirts on over tank tops and hands ready to grab our hats in case of a stiff breeze.

We had our NEW shoes on. Bright white and ready for miles of training.

Some critters are not well enough prepared to cross the bridge.... Ode to the dead seagull....

The bridge was crowded with tourists and walkers and thank goodness, the bikes were on the opposite side. BUSY... which leads to dodging, and weaving and "Excuse me-s."

Wind blown....

Hands on hats.....

At Crissy Field the crowds were there.... in force. Bundled up...But we were ready to get down to the long sleeves and...

A stop at the warming hut. The girl in white was French and she and her hairless legged boyfriend had matching hats.

Down to the St Francis and the skies were clearing....

On this walk we saw two different wedding parties.

At Aquatic Park this group of seniors were watching the action.

I took Patti up to meet Sonia who made a necklace I bought on another walk. Patti bought her own and I got a couple of bracelets. I like this woman. She is set up below Ghiradelli Square. Go by and see her. She is very appreciative of the business.

The cable car turn around....

This walk is fun because you can play like a tourist. You can dance down the Embarcadero and have people yell at you "Shake it baby!"

The one think Patti said was off limits was Segways. "We are never doing that!" she said.

But trying on silly pink hats... well that is fair game...

This picture is plain scary!
I look like a rat in a pig hat.

We walked around the older part of Fisherman's wharf...

Where Scoma's "fish drop" is.

I introduced Patti to the Fisherman and Mariners Chapel.

The door was looked but I took a picture through the window of the stained glass window, donated by the Woman's Propeller league.

I also showed her where I would like to take a boat trip. To Le Mar the Peruvian restaurant that has a boat dock.

Then there we are in the Ferry Building.

Patti was ty- ty.....

And here is why we are walking....
Are we there yet?

It's the name of our team. It's a question that has an answer. The answer is no.

We are not where, woman can live their lives without the fear of Cancer. We are not in a world where a child will not lose a mother or grandmother to this thief. We do not live in a world where you can wake up and know we have done enough to find a cure.

We do live in a world where people can and do make a difference.
Patti and I are walking examples of that.

We are both survivors. We are both warriors. We both will never never never give up until we reach a place where we can say.... Are we there yet? You're damned straight we are!

Thank you so much Sandy for the beautiful necklaces. This is Patti's charm. I proudly worn my necklace on this walk as I will on the rest of my training and as I will during the walk.

Your gift touched us both and helped us walk a little stronger today.

Another creation by Sandy will be for auction at Wine Wars...
Come and out bid me , I dare you.