Saturday, July 3, 2010

When is too much, not enough? Not last night

As I am writing this at 7:20 in the morning, I find I found that amazing place where what you drank last night still is sloshing around in your gutt in the morning.
The day started out healthy enough. I went to work and met up with Patti.
We walked the 4.5 miles into downtown Mill Valley to have lunch at Toast (the old Dipsea).

Patti ran into friends of hers who had just opened an very cute antique store called "Moss and Moss" in the buildings known as El Paseo. Tyler Florence (who happens to be their son-in-law and Food Network star) is opening a new restaurant in the location of the old El Paseo in Fall.
The Mosses worked with Patti in advertising and had retired but found they couldn't stay idle for long...hence the new little store. As we were leaving...

We ran into Toland, (Tyler's wife and the Mosses daughter). Patti knew Toland well and so we stopped to chat. As we were getting ready to leave (after getting the promise of a donation from Tyler for Wine Wars), the Toast people delivered lunch for them. I thought to myself, what a nice place Mill Valley is... and it will be even nicer with Tyler's new restaurant.

It wont be his only restaurant, he also has opened Wayfare Tavern, in the old Rubicon in San Francisco. You should stop in! I understand he is also opening another restaurant in the wine country as well.

We headed back and I took a few picture of my little town.

Outside dining at Piazza D'Angelo


One of the older buildings in town, now apartments

The 2 am club, re-opened

A bee on lavender

Flowers at Whole Foods (the one on Miller, we now have two you know)

A stop a swirl a new yogurt place, led to watching the finish of the Ghana/Uruguay game.
Then we were back in time to get ready for Creekside Friday.
I sponsored the band for the evening at our community BBQ. Each Friday during the summer there is a BBQ and music down by our little old cabin on the creek. This year I am sponsoring two Fridays, along with Myriam. We had invited friends to join us. This is where I ran into my current situation.
We brought lots of wine to share, and when great people are there, some times you lose count of what you drink.

And when you great friend from Arizona comes to visit, you forget even more....

And when your walking partners are there... well... you get the drift.

Then of course there are the conspirators...

All those usual suspects.

And voila! Too much of a good thing.
Now I am going to pay for it. I am going to be walking 11 miles in the heat. I have to down a few gallons of water and hope I don't croak.
Next Creekside Friday... we are bringing ONE bottle of wine.