Friday, July 30, 2010

Walking , talking, working

Life can come tumbling in with one responsibility after another, all piled high like a huge weight on your chest. Business, friends troubles, family illness, and everything else competes with taking time for you. What has been great about the 3 day is the time I walk to train... is also time for me. And I have tried to keep this a priority even in the midst of these other responsibilities. It hasn't been easy.
But here we are only a couple of months from the 3 day itself, and 2 weeks from Wine Wars and I find myself walking less not more. The past two days, I made a point of changing that.
I had an office meeting in Greenbrae, followed by some paperwork in Mill Valley and a scheduled inspection in San Rafael at 2 pm. I decided in the morning I would walk from Corte Madera to the inspection. I figured it out on the computer to be a walk of around 6 miles. That assumed I would be leaving at no later than 12 noon. I left at 12:20.
When I walk I play music in my head. Different cadences for different speeds. The quickest I the can-can... For this walk I put the can-can on in 78 speed. I took off remembering day 2 of the walk last year and how I tried to speed walk 90% of that day. (I ended up with enormous blisters as a result.) But I knew the shoes were right, and I am a smarter walker now.... By the time I got to San Rafael, I would guess I was walking 3.5 miles per hour. I got to the house early and used the time to clean up.
I carry a pink bandanna with me when I walk, specifically for days like this. I was covered with sweat from the speedy walk, so I dunk the bandanna in the cool water and refreshed myself before the clients and the inspector showed up.

The house we inspected.....

After the inspection I walked to Glenn's office, making a stop at Whole Foods to get dinner stuff.
All in all around 8.5-9 miles. Less than what I had hoped to do (12 miles) but still a good day.
I could walk, challenge myself with the speed and still be a Realtor...

THE next day... Friday

Knowing there was a memorial service later that day, I felt it was imperative that I get in a walk before. So after going into the office early, and getting some work done there, I headed out the door texting Patti on the way to see if she would let me sneak in to say hello.

Patti is a Producer who freelances and does a great job of it. But she, like me as a Realtor, doesn't always have a predictable schedule. She said she would love to join me on the walk, so we headed to Cavallo Point.

As 2nd time walkers we have taken this walk to Cavallo Point many times. But because we haven't been as diligent as we were last year, those walks have been less frequent. Both of us were tired when we arrived at our favorite bridge side stop. We had a great Dungeness Crab BLT and took in the view, before heading back to Sausalito. Along the way we both were on our smart phones working. It takes a little away from the experience of being out there.... but at least you can go! What did we do with those phones?

Total miles 11 for me from my office. 10 for Patti from her house. Ta-da.... I'm getting back in the groove. The day put my head on right for the memorial that followed.

Glenn remarks about how much happier I am when I walk. I can feel that. I get quite grumpy when I don't get out there.

Firetruck on Bridgeway

Steps down to the beach

Lunch at Cavallo
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