Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walking after work

The Breast Cancer 3-day is getting closer by the minute. Patti and I have been talking about how our training days have been less predictable than last year. Sometimes when things are brand new, you treat them differently.

To some people doing the 3 day for the first time unfortunately, they approach the training just assuming, 3 days, 60 miles...heck I can do that. Especially if those old ladies are doing it. Those are the people we see in the medical tents at the first pitstop! Some people do the best they can but frankly never carve out the time that they really need to properly prepared
. But all of our team last year treated the training with respect.

I remember reading a blog of another walker who said she was very well prepared on the first walk she did, but the second she didn't start training until late in the game. She ended up with blisters and pulled tendons and taking the sweep van on all three days. The third time she walked she followed the suggested training again and once again had no difficulties.

Patti and I have don't want to take this training lightly, but time, time is sometimes a problem. So when she called me from her car and asked if I wanted to take a walk after work, I said "Sure."
We met at the trailhead for Tennessee Valley Road and because we weren't starting until 6:30 knew we only really had time for an hour or so walk. Perfect! The 1.5 miles to the beach and the 1.5 miles back makes a perfect 1 hour walk.

The trail and parking lot were less crowded than usual. The weather was perfect. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade with a slight ocean breeze coming down the valley.
When we reached the beach it was bathed in a golden magical light. You know the kind of light where everything glows.... So I pulled out the camera and took a few photos.

A lone seagull in the surf

Towering cliffs over the beach

Gentle waves

Golden flowers on a rusty cliff

And....the spotlight from God.

When you are out there... you can't help but be aware of the majestic beauty of this beautiful world. To me I see it often in the smallest things. A flower valiantly finding its way through the crevices of rocky soil to find the sun. A bug who runs to safety as you come their way. The trees dancing in the wind as though they hear music in its passing. But the sight of this setting sun coming though the cliff at Tennessee Beach startles you. You can see in its light the mist from the ocean hanging in the air. There is power and grace that is truly magical.
After we were dazzled, we headed back down the valley.
You can't help but be touched by days like this.

The 3 day has given me a lot of gifts. Today's gift was the ability to connect with my own little corner of Marin. If I wasn't training for the 3 day, chances are great that I would not be taking a walk like this after a busy busy day. Luckily though, I feel I have the excuse to take the time. To leave Glenn unfed for dinner. To leave the phone calls for at least an hour and to simply enjoy this life I have been given. All of us should treat ourselves to evening like this. And if you need an excuse... well, say you're training!
Tennessee Valley
I am getting ready to go into the office ahead of a great fourth of July weekend. Today will be a spectacular day. First walking work...then walk to Mill Valley...then work...then a BBQ at our local cabin on Tennessee Valley Road. Tomorrow training in walk in Lafayette with Dana, then swim, then seeing my good friend Sonya. Then on the fourth.... good times, friends, pool time, dogs and more in Lafayette. We will also have lots of time to plan Wine Wars as we float in the pool. So know... we are working on making this year even better than last. So its time people....