Monday, August 2, 2010

Walking on Sunshine.....

These foggy days of summer had Patti and I looking for a nice sunny place to train. What better than meeting up with our guy Dana in the East Bay. Dana had planned out a walk from Walnut Creek out to San Ramon along the Iron horse Trail.
A different climate for sure, for we decided in order to reduce the heat we would start early. We met at the Rudyard end of the trail at 9am stretched a bit and headed out.
As we walked Dana let us know he had walked the same trail yesterday so he was going to be attempting a 15/15 back to back walk. That is a lot... and I eyed suspiciously the small limp he had as we walked further along.
One thing about the 3 day is each day becomes progressively more difficult. The first day you are full of adrenaline and the miles with the cheerleaders along the way and the activity seem pretty easy to take. You arrive back at camp and are decidedly tired, but exhilarated. The next morning the tight muscles seem to be fairly easy to stretch out and you start off on day two with gusto. For me at least on the longest of the 3 days , day 2 is tough. Whereas you arrive back at camp exhilarated on day one, you arrive exhausted on day two. For me, I had blisters the size of tennis balls on my heels. It was a tough day. DAY 3 (if you have blisters) is mercifully shorter, but wholly the most difficult physical thing I have done.
The training that is recommended keeps all this in mind, as the 3 day slowly builds you distance, always sure there is one back to back day in the mix. Usually that second day is shorter so Dana definitely was pushing the envelop with 15/15.

We walked along this mostly flat path, and watched bikers and strollers (bot mechanical and elderly) enjoying the day. The heat of the day steadily increased and we all three made sure to keep hydrated and to have some electrolytes. (And contrary to Dana's most wishful thinking, electrolytes are not bacon walnut brownies).

Dana mentioned that he had developed a blister yesterday and since I know a thing or two about blisters I explained about moleskin and changing socks and other little trick of thee walking trade. I also pointed him to the blister section of the 3 day site. And as an extra bonus when Patti and I ran into Safeway for a pitstop, I brought him a few blister bandages.

At the end of the trail we made sure to stand on the bridge.... And make note of going 7.5 miles.
We made a turn to head into Danville for lunch.

Another 2.5 miles and we were able to sit down, drink Watermelon coolers and taste Gazpacho and eat sandwiches to prepare for the last 5 miles. It was about then that Dana said his blister had worsen. And eventually he decided to take us up on our offer to sit and wait for us to finish the walk and bring back a car for him.
BLISTERS it is one lesson of the 3 day all walkers learn.

I can't lie. One added bonus of walking on the east side of the bay is being able to take a dip at the Lafayette house on the way home.
Dana shared his pool, and some proscecco... nice... ahhhhhh....
When you finish a walk of 15 miles, your legs are pretty tire, and there are few things better than the cool weightlessness of the pool.
The walk gives us all so many gifts. The best of which is spending time with friends. I find it hard to think of not walking just because without it, I might revert back to the solitary grumpy girl I was growing to be.
Besides who could live without my hat hair?


  1. Hi Cathy, I'm a fellow 3-day walker, my niece sent my the info about the wine wars and now I've found your blog. I wanted to send an email but couldn't find one. Just want you to know how proud I am of you, my mom had breast cancer years ago and survived so I know it can be beaten. I'm walking again this year, my sixth event and hope to meet you at some point just to give you a hug! I can hope anyway. I'm on 3-days with my breast friends (I think that's the name, it's my niece's team), my name is Terry and we'll be tenting. I'll be looking for you there.


    Terry P in Modesto

  2. You and your niece and team should have an outting to SF for a training walk on the 14th but come early and come to Wine Wars! We would love to have you. (Although I won't be around to walk with you on the 14th... we are heading out of town for awhile.)

    In any case thanks for the compliment...and absolutely Breast Cancer can be beaten! I am living proof.

  3. Can't make it to those wars, but will be thinking of you and the wine of course. I see we continue to swap places on the top teams list, good for both of us. I will make an effort to find you come October, I love reading the blog, are you a writer by chance?

  4. Thanks for the compliment. I play at writing, but my daughter who is walking with me, NOW there's a true writer.

    Yes, we seem to be playing tag on the fundraising. Nothing wrong with that. We may just kick cancer's *** afterall!

    Hope to see you in October.