Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wine Wars II - Be there, done that....

It's done - C'est fini!
We've counted the money and we are sitting at $10,600 for WINE WARS alone.
Team: Are We There Yet? so far will have raised over $27,ooo for Susan G Komen.
I have a lot of people to thank for last night, but truth be told, I am tired.
So.... I have elected to post what pictures I have received now, and write about this great night...later. But in the short run...THANKS THANKS THANKS to everyone who participated and made it such a success. I will promise to do a better job after a good nights sleep, or two.
Enjoy the pictures.

The great front desk gals...
Myriam (Fairy extraordinaire, Carol Johnson (Florist without par) Goli (Generous to a fault)
Kitchen help came from Arizona!

Chuck making truffled fries

Tina and Barbara - Neighborhood gals

Tracy - Survivor and Myriam FAIRY

Linda with the magic Fairy

The crowd.....

Wine and women

The Team: Stephanie, Katie, Allison , Cathy Shea, Patti and Dana...and moi

Fairy business

Katie serving.

Wine anyone?

Carllie and Susan

Did you card her Shaun?

Kip and Allison

Michael and Jackie

Linda nad Johnny from the desert

Judi Land pouring Hearthstone

Getting ready for the auction!

Dana... looks good in boas.

The secret Fairy and Cathy... Thanks Gib

The not so silent raffle

Michael and Myriam

Cathy and Gob

Looking for winners

Be afraid.. be very afraid!
Claire, Patty and Katie

Back stage... Go Kat Go and Fairy power...

Larry Chuck and Cathy - Mike Williamson on guitar

Someone wanted that guitar, but its spoken for.

Barbara hoisting one.

Curtiss pouring one

Great Band

Get down.....

Party like its 1969

Tam Elementary gals. Allison, Claire, Katie and Arielle

Boys at the bar

Let's dance....

Too hot....

Watch out Eric Clapton

Katie rocks -LOVED her pink dress

Go Kat GO!

Behind the scenes.... Larry and Chuck

Stephanie, Melanie and Jackie

Shaun and Greg

Misako, Sharon and Joyce

Melanie and John

Winding down. Patti, Chris, Gretchen and David, Allison

Clean up!

Time to go......
Read about the event in the next blog entry.

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