Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lopez Island - Deer Harbor

I apologize in advance if this trip is reported out of order, and the pictures are of different anchorages than I say. You see I have 1000 pictures and they are four different sets. When every sunset is magical, and each sunrise full of promise, the days flow into each other in a blissful blur.... Ok, wine and rum helps with that I suppose...

But this I recognize as Spencer Spit on Lopez Island. On the spit there is a plentiful supply of driftwood . Some industrious folks have fashioned them into structures and art.

Barbara, me and Patti
We decided to walk over to the town, across the island. It was a way to explore the place, but also sneak in a training walk.

The island started my imagination running. Could we actually live on a little island in the middle of the San Juans. What would it be like to live on this friendly island where they are known for waving at everyone.... Yeah, maybe I could.

Patti and Barbara

In town we went into a fudge shop. There was an amazing woman there who was scooping ice cream and telling us the story of Miss Fudgey her prize winning pig. Her pig just was anointed champion at the county fair. The pig had been scheduled to be turned into bacon the next week. She said she had hoped someone would want to make Miss Fudgey into a Mommy pig instead, so she had offered to give her pig to anyone who would do that... Luckily for Miss Fudgey one woman took her up on her offer. She now is living on the island safe at last. The great thing about this story was the woman. She had a folksy country accent like she should be on Lake Woebegone on PBS. I wished I could have recorded her....

This sign in town make it look like a metropolis!
But it was about two blocks long. We had lunch and began our walk back....
2009 walkers, Barbara, Patti and me. We will miss Barbara on the walk this year.

Look at that weather. Tell me, does it really rain in the San Juans?
Curtiss ferried us back to our boat

Glenn took a shower and bath al fresca!

We decided to head off to Deer Harbor for the night, where there was water, showers and a pumpout.....

La Vida flying along.....

Another rotten sunset.... as the moon rises over the water.

Off to..... Roche Harbor and Garrison Bay the next day!