Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Playing catch up

I have just spent the last several hours trying to catch up with my blogging. The week has had so many thing going on. Guests, parties, work getting ready for our vacation in the San Juans. I have a nagging fear that if I let this lapse, I will never be able to get back to it. And I am told, some people find some tidbits of worth here... so, if you haven't ready the last couple of entries, back track and then... here we go on to Sunday.
Our guests had left for home. Gretchen and David back to Jackson. Katie back to Seattle. The remaining guests were staying only because we had tickets to the Giants.
If you are a Giant's fan you know that we have been nipping at the heels of the San Diego Padres. Chris and Allison are Rockie's fans who are hoping they can slip into the wild card position to get into the playoffs. What was to happen in this game mattered more than most, since we were playing the Padres, and our ACE Tim Linnecum was pitching.
Other things were at stake too, like Allison and I getting back to training after a too long hiatus.
So we gave Chris directions to the ferry and Allison and I took off on foot to walk to ATT from the SYC.
Immediately I could tell I hadn't been walking. The shoes didn't seem to fit right. my feet were aching. My breath didn't come as easily. I thought about stretching more than usual... and I instigated more stops than I usually do. But we were determined on this cook SF day to make it all the way in time for the first pitch at 1:05pm

Along the way, I got to recreate those oh so bloggy moments like... the self portrait on the bridge.

and the bridge photos

(These are some kids in costumes, don't know why... but there they were so I tried to catch them....
I also got to show off some shopping opportunities. Sadly Allison didn't think the pig hat was worth the $19.95 it cost.

And soon enough (really more like 4.5 hours later...) we were at the park.

In time to have a bit at Mijitas and a watermelon Aqua Fresca!

And hurray! Chris found us....

All in time for the first pitch.

It looked promising int he first inning with Timmy striking out three batters....
But then it fell apart with 4 runs scored by the Padres in the 2nd. I have to give Chris credit for not puffing up too much with glee.

The section we sat in was great. Full of true fans. Showing good spirit.
Who knows maybe they compensated for the bad attitude Chirs and Allison saw the last game they attended from the bleacher drunks.
It is such a kick for me to have things we enjoy together. Who would have thought Allison would be a baseball fan? But we all can take a back seat to the baseball nut Chris. He is a wealth of statistics and information. I just know I love the GIANTS and ATT park.
After the disappointing 8-2 loss, we took the ferry back to Larkpsur together.
The packed Ferry carried the same kind of great fans we saw at the park. Made me proud to be a GIANT fan. When we got back home Glenn gave Chris a ball holder for his new Benji Molina ball that Allison won for him at Wine Wars.
Now they have headed on their way.
I ache after the girls leave for a time when we aren't so far apart.
These days, when our lives go so many different directions, it is so unusual for a family to stay close. In the end there aren't to many constants. But family, you are family for life. Ahhhhh for the days when I always knew just where they were..... But such is life. Katie has her own life. Allison has hers. And Glenn and I, well it's time to pack because we are going on vacation!
While I am away I have no idea if it will be at all possible to update the blog, although I will bring my IPAD and I hear we will be seeing some rain. Walking may be challenging (we are on a boat), but trust me... we will be having a great time.
SO SURPRISE me make a donation to the walk. Wouldn't that be remarkable if you all could make me the top fund raiser? A double tent at camp might not mean anything to you, but it would make me VERY happy!