Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeking the sunshine... anywhere we can find it!

You have heard it before... busy, busy, busy. And with Wine Wars less than a week away, I sure am busier than ever. But... it would be a mistake to not try to get in at least one decent walk before then.
Another thing you have heard before, and I have seen too much of this year is FOG!
In search of the sun, we have walked in the East Bay a couple of times, Carmel Valley, I've visited the wine country in Sonoma and the Gold Country, but we haven't walked down in Santa Clara County yet! So I decided that it was time to find the STANFORD.
Back in the day, I used to ride my bike to Stanford from my house. It was about a 6 mile ride and it seemed mighty far. I felt quite accomplished when I would stumble back into the house, my face red from the breeze and my legs tingling from the exertion.
Today, 6 miles is a short little hike. 12 is getting to be more like it. Today, all in all I think we walked 7.5 to 8 miles. Who would have thought at 57 I would be in better condition than I was at 15? Now that is a side benefit of the 3 day you don't anticipate.
I send my emails and made my calls trying to rally the troops. Dana had hoped he would be able to come, (or maybe that is a mis-speak...I think he was ready to come) but he got called into duty at the St Francis on the race committee. So in the end it was Stephanie (newly retired banker) and Patti (overworked producer) and me (Realtor with no conscience, who is getting pretty good at playing hookie).

Stanford University was founded by Leland Stanford, railroad millionaire and former governor of California to honor the memory of his one son, who died from Typhoid Fever in 1884. It's now one of the most well known and respected Universities in the world. I always loved the campus with it's California architecture blending into the grassy oak covered hills.
I didn't have a plan on where to walk.
We met at Stanford Shopping Center and then headed over to the campus. I made a bee-line to Memorial Chapel, which to me is one of the most lovely churches anywhere in the world.

In the way there we walked through the Rodin sculpture garden - which moved Patti to strike a pose.

The archways leading to the chapel feel very European. Moorish influences, blend with Spanish and Italian style creating something very unique.

The chapel is decorated with many beautiful mosaics. On the front of the church are four angels. Faith Hope Love and Charity. I took a min poll to ask which I should take a picture of and my three day walking team said "HOPE." Yup.... that's a good one.

The heave doors to the chapel are simply grand... They are heavy and substantial without being gaudy or overdone. The Cherubs softly invite you to come inside.

The church itself is built in the traditional shape of a cross - albeit a small cross. The altar sits beyond the doom, with two wings on either side. Mosaics are truly stunning.

Stained Glass looks very turn of the century but the ceiling, well the ceiling is unlike anything you would see in Europe. This ceiling is made from heart Redwood. - Californian through and through. At the back of the church the grand organ also is covered with this warm wood.

We walked around Campus drive and up to Atasadero Rd, by Lake Lagunitas (where they used to burn a bonfire to welcome the BIG GAME against Cal. ). Then back to where we started.

Along the way we talked about retirement, and the walk, and children, and Wine Wars.
Patti had driven me to Stanford and Stephanie had been dropped off by Chuck (her husband). So we had Patti take us back to Glenn's Dad's house. Chuck had offered to come and cook for us there. LUCKY everyone. He is an amazing cook. AND people he and Stephanie will be creating an awesome menu for Wine Wars! Poor Patti had to miss out on our dinner since she had a ton of work to do. But we enjoyed a great steak dinner. George said after they left, boy that was really good. (Ahem you think so???)
So now it is Wine Wars non stop until it's over and our $$ is counted. I am really truly hoping this will be an evening you will never forget. AND I hope we make a lot of $$ for Susan G Komen.
IT's time to End Cancer.... one fine wine at a time.


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