Friday, August 6, 2010

PINK lady takes a walk

Girl in pink hits the trail again.....

We are officially one week from Wine Wars. I am only slightly panicked. So many people have said they are coming but they haven't RSVPed or bought tickets yet. I am assuming we will have around 100 people there... but if you check out you will see 58... many of whom have not paid. If you are one of them... It would go miles for my sanity, to have you do so... So much easier to plan when you know how many people will be there.

Our summer this year has been the coolest one I remember. This flies in the face of those soaring temperatures and intolerable humidity back east. The other day I ran into some folks form Mississippi and they said they had never worn a sweater in summer. Well, folks, here around the bay, we always have our sweaters ready, and/or wind breakers.

Today was one of those days where the fog is so widespread there is no blanket lying on the hills there is just grey, everywhere. Usually on a day like this, if I walk I will head away from the fog and into the sun; But today....I felt like walking the tried and true to the Ferry Building. It's long, its got its challenge and I needed to get in a few miles before taking a day off tomorrow to sail.

Leaving the office I looked over the water and saw two guys moving some floatable thing along with poles. Don't know what they were doing, but it isn't ordinary to see. So I took a pic.

As I walked through the shipyard there is a wall that someone has painted scenes on....

Nearing downtown Sausalito ...

If you are going to graffiti you should do it on a trash bin!

There was a lot of traffic on the bay...tankers, container ships, tugs, fishing vessels. The bay was alive with activity.

East Road was still closed to pedestrians (as it has been every weekday for while now) So I had to walk up Alexander. I don't like walking up Alexander. The surface is uneven there is a ton of traffic form cars and bikes.... Hopefully they will finish that road work soon... because...ME NO LIKE! But from here you do get the best views of Cavallo Point and Fort Baker.
The bridge covered with fog.

At Fort Baker there is a small boat with a solo fisherman. That is a very small boat for the bay. At least they are close to shore.

ON weekdays the pedestrians and the bikes share one side to walk or ride. Tourist never have studied rules of the road. The don't understand here is two way traffic form both bikes and people. I kills me how some people will hold their course without thought about other people. Me, I become a weaving expert on this bridge. Keeping my pace and bobbing and weaving to avoid hitting man, beast or bike.... It's a talent I have....

I always feel accomplished to have gone across the bridge though. By the time you start down toward Crissy the crowds start to thin and your shoulder relax. You can walk without worry of being bowled over...

Boats, boats, Boats...maybe they like it overcast!

The wind was not nearly as strong on the SF side of the bay today. I could see skies starting to clear and I came upon the Warming hut. There is a team on the 3 day called the Warming Hut hotties. They are a huge team. Our little team of seven, pale in comparison. Imagine each participant needs to make $2300...they have let say 25 members. We have 7. You do the math. Where Team: "Are we there yet?" excels is $$$ per walker. And we will again this year. WE ROCK!

The pier near the Warming hut had its bundled up fishermen....

Scottie on the Green...

There are all kinds of people in SF. Tourists... people who look like their hair has been burned off... who sing and yell at themselves... Yup all kinds of people.

Crissy winds itself through some natural habitat where birds seem awful happy.

Like this egret

Today, as I walked, I had several "interruptions". First in Sausalito when a woman asked me if I knew whether or not dogs could go on the Ferry. Then again a few seconds later when I ran into Jean Spaulding who exclaimed, "What are you doing in my neck of the woods!" The as I came closer to the St Francis Yacht Club, I looked to my right and saw a familiar face... Hummmm I thought, that lookls like MB, then I looked closer and saw her husband Bill pulling something out of their car. Sure enough this welcome "interruption" were my very dear friend Mb and Bill Brayle, along with their daughter Whitney.
Apparently, the Brayles were meeting some of their extended clan for a family reunion. I knew this because Bill showed me the button he had created with a "evolution" theme.
How lucky to see them today. I was starting to feel kinda of tired and lacking enthusiasm, but when I saw them I remembered Bill taking pictures at last years 3 day closing ceremony and it reminded me of what an amazing event this really is.... Whitney said she may have found some more fine wine for Wine Wars, so.... please, please, please come and enjoy.
MB how far we have come from Marlboros and the Sampan... all the way to Crissy Field...
MB was who I came to visit, when I was "courting" Glenn. MB was my old roomie and is my great friend. NEXT year or the year after, I bet she will be my walking buddy in a 3 day!

I kept on walking under clearing skies, the now familiar way past Fort Mason and on to Aquatic Park....

I decide to go uphill a bit and see if my jewelry lady was there...and she was. I bought another necklace and she thanked me for helping her. She drives everyday from Hayward. her jewelry may be too reasonable for her own good.

See my new necklace and earrings? $10

When I was coming up on Boudin's I saw a huge cloud of smoke being blown out onto the street. I assume this is to emit the smell of baking sour dough... But it looked like a 3rd alarm...

This is a new street performer. Maybe he is the gold guy in a new costume.

The aha! It's the Ferry Building and blue skies.

I talked with my friend Carol Johnson on the phone and she told me she had a new grandchild . Annie Durantini. A few seconds later I saw this darling little kids chair. I would have thought it was a sign and would have bought it for her, but I had no way to carry it back.

So I headed to get my lunch instead....

Jumping on the Ferry I stretched and I sat on the ride back to Sausalito. Along the way you could see the fog pouring over the hills. The tourists on the boat were talking about the windy conditions and the boats on the bay... A fellow behind be was waxing on and on about Genoas and jibs... and I would say... didn't really know much about sailing. A mother was explaining to her daughter about the fog. She didn't know much about fog... I just looked out there and thought... it is going to be colder in Marin than it just was in SF.
And I was right. despite the blue skies the wind was brisk...

By the time I made it back to Mill Valley, I was ready to call it a day.
I have so much to get done in the next week, I was glad I had taken the chance to grab a walk today.
NOW...on to Wine Wars.... Tell me you are going to be there!

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