Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Stinson....


Here from Arizona, one of my best friends Sonya and her husband Pete were a part of a big group of people getting together out at Stinson Beach. They were partaking in a PIG Roast.
Sonya warned me that Pete may not be able to make Wine Wars since he had to deliver a pig.
I wrote to him explaining there were NO piggy excuses when it came to Wine Wars. And good friend that he was he did come, stating that the pig was already dead, so he would bring it and a friend to Wine Wars. Sonya drove all the way from Arizona via USC to get to Wine Wars in time. That is the kind of friends they are. So despite the fact I was EXHAUSTED on Saturday after the big night, Allison, Chris (their dog Dexter) Glenn and I were happy to come to the pig roast. But whereas Patti was red hot to do some serious training and sent her husband John ahead, we declined hiking over Tam to Stinson and drove instead.

You could tell these people have known each other for years. The generations gathering around the tables, benches, beer/wine table, pig pit told a story of common experiences and genuine warmth. We were welcomed, even though we were outsiders to some extent. And enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The sun broke through the coastal clouds and made it the perfect kind of weather. Not too hot, and the edge off the ocean breeze.

We waited for Patti and started to be concerned, partly because she had called before we had left to say the Dipsea Trail was closed and she didn't really know where she was going. As the hours slipped by we made a few calls to her and found out... she was on the trail and we couldn't come and get her. Pete had told her it should take around 2 hours to walk from Mill Valley to Stinson, maybe for some folks, but I don't know one... Eventually we found out she was near the end of the trail so Pete took off to meet her and walk her to the party (with beer in hand).

No one had a better time though than Dexter... What a patient dog.

I most enjoyed putting my head on Glenn's shoulder and just relaxing. It has been a long week. A good week.... but..... you know.

When we left, we had one tired puppy and four tired people in the car. Patti I am sure left with sore muscles and a smile on her face for having survived mountian lions, coyotes and the walk to Stinson. She had appropriately shamed us into a walking plan for Sunday.. albeit a little flatter than the walk she had just done.

I wish Sonya would move back to California for freaking sake.