Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beyond Survival

As I see Wine Wars almost here and I think of the hours and hours of planning and work that went into making it happen. I am reminded of finishing last year's 3 day. It was an exhilirating moment, but one that had me asking myself some questions. Friday at about 10 pm there will be another finish... How will I feel as that ends. I thought I would write about that....

My heart beats faster as I see the finish line

Somewhere from the depths of my being come as surge

as my breath breaks in waves like the waves from a fan

My eyes and my smile glow like a beacon

It's been a long race.

The times spent in the effort has healed me.

The moments with just my thoughts

have taught me the lessons of sages.

What will greet me as the ribbon breaks

now that this adventure is nearly done?

Can I be satisfied in the silence of rest?

Will I sleep in the comfort of achievement?

Or will I reach for higher heights

feeling the joy of moving beyond survival?

BE there on Friday to cross this finish line with me.


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