Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Do little steps add up????

Good morning Marinview....

This morning the dogs got us up way too early, so early I ignored them completely. When I got out of bed expecting a walk in the dog park with Glenn and our canines... I saw Glenn dressing in his "good" clothes, a sure sign he was heading off for his day.

So I moved to plan B. It was early enough I felt I could sneak in a 4-5 mile walk before work. I got dressed and headed upstairs and saw two very fore lorn pups staring at me. "Ah come on," the look said, you know we should have a walk too.

When Sophie met Tucker for the first time........
I grabbed their leashes and slapped them on, and we headed out. About 20 yards down the road, I remembered WHY I don't like to walk the dogs in the neighborhood. Down the street were two dogs coming up the hill. When Tucker saw them he immediately turned on Sophie. He sounded as if he was going to kill her. Can anyone explain to me WHY he does this???? I spent the next couple of minutes apologizing for the ruckus and settling the dogs down. As we headed down the hill, Tucker decided he probably would have preferred to stay home and turned his head to go back. I looked him square in the eye to let him know, this was not an option. He looked back and I could see his resolve soften... but only a little. As we headed off, he dilly dallied and stopped about a million times; looked at me with that expression that says... "I told you I didn't want to go!"

Making the turn for home the terrain becomes a steep uphill climb. There was a time when I could hardly make it up he hill. Most certainly I would have to stop to catch my breath. As my training has advanced so has my stamina. I made it home without much effort and felt full of energy and ready for more. I looked at the pedometer. .5 miles. OH REALLY!

All that hill and all I could show for it was .5 miles?!
And so... I headed down... to Starbucks.

Our Starbucks is at the bottom of our BIG hill. This means, what goes down must go up... and I knew that. But also knowing the SF 3 day will be full of hills I also thought it would be good practice. I trudged onward. My goal was to walk 4 miles today before work...and I wasn't there.

When I headed back up the hill, I checked out my listing on Countyview, swept some leaves and noted someone had taken my blue booties from the front door. Can you tell me WHY someone would want used blue booties? As I climbed the hill I noted there was NO way I would be making 4 miles before getting back (including the early dog walk). I thought the best I would be able to muster might be 3. Believe me the climb is certainly more challenging that 8 miles of flat!

I started zig zagging hoping that would add steps to the walk, but despite this I came home with a total of 3.5 miles. I headed off to work to pick up a few papers. I had a pest inspection scheduled at 1. I thought about that .5 miles and decided... I would walk from my house UP to the inspection.

No inspector I know wears a tie!

The best pest inspector in my book is Bob Hoffman of Morris Pest. He met me at the house and did his thing (looking nothing like the man in the photo above!) I always enjoy seeing Bob. The tenant at this house had a male Siamese cat and you can tell Bob is a cat guy. Even though we had been warned this cat bites...even its owner, Bob was determined to make friends. One try brought hisses. But eventually the cat warmed up to Bob.

After the inspection was over, I walked back down to the house.... GRAND TOTAL 4.021 miles!There you go... determination paid off and I made my goal.

It makes me think about those people walking in Florida or Kansas. 60 miles there will certainly be a big feat, but how does it compare to SF hills? Let's just say, every place must have its challenges. For us it will be hills. For Florida maybe the heat. Kansas maybe a tornado?!

What is true is the time commitment each and every woman and man is making to walk in this event. It isn't just the event itself it is the days and days of training leading up to the event. It's the blisters and the leg cramps and the sunburns and the headaches when you aren't hydrated or nourished well enough. Its your husband asking if you can come sailing and you having to consider whether you can also get in your training walk. Its the fundraising, being the nag on the block who has their hand out. But... it is also, accomplishment, purpose and unbelievably rewarding. It allows you to find yourself, rediscover your friends and make a difference.

For me, it allows me to finally feel I have the upper hand on Breast Cancer. This walk was given me the biggest gift of all ...a full and meaningful life. And it has given me the chance to maybe, just maybe help others discover their lives too. If you imagine that there are thousands of women on this same journey, the collective power of all this self discovery is so overwhelming, it could move mountains (or at least make them easier to climb), or cure cancer.

PLEASE JOIN us by donating, or attending our WINE WARS (email me at cyoungling@apr.com)

You and we , will be so glad you did!