Thursday, July 30, 2009

Misc. walks this week

It's been hard to slip in walks this week. I have been lucky enough to have alot of business to attend to, but... I did manage a couple of quickies.

Early in the week I walked over to the new Trader Joes and over to Nordstroms. Power walking, not exactly power shopping. On the way I walked by this flock of pelicans. They ahve been hanging out in this tidal pond for about a week now. They move in unison and are closely packed together. Something must be might good down there to keep them in such numbers in such a small area. I could watch them for hours.

Today, I showed one of my listings in my neighborhood in Mill Valley and then decided, it might be the right opportunity to walk to the office. I called Glenn as I headed down the hill just to check to see if he would be around to take me back home. On the way down there were a few turkeys hanging out in the hood. It is getting so I get to know people I pass on the bike route. Along Coyote Creek I passed the bird feeders and they said hello. Asked me to come and sit and feed the birds with them. I walked on.

Little known fact (at least to me...) The public restrooms at the sewer treatment plant close at 4pm. Isn't that a little early?

Up and over to Corte Madera and stop to see my buddy Patty Williamson. Patty has sold 100 raffle tickets for our Wine Wars. She is donating something fantastic from her store Feather Bed and Bath and...her husband Mike is donating his time along with the entire Go Kat Go band. Those are some good friends right there.

SO.... suffice it to say this event is gearing up to be incredible! Even if you don't buy a raffle ticket, glass of wine or make a bid on the live auction there will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys! MUSIC! FOOD! all for $10 a head. Email me for you invitation today!