Sunday, July 26, 2009

Does Cathy walk on water? NO! But she sails....

It's been a long time, since I have been sailing on Hazardous Waste. Glenn and I did a quick trip over to Angel Island awhile back, but, had been awhile.
My husband and his two good friends have owned this boat for 9 years. Over those years they have raced it against some of the best sailors in the world. The guys have decided to cut back on the racing and focus more on cruising. I know they are doing this with mixed feelings. There is nothing that I think any of them like better than messing around on that boat. Now, there will be more cruising (good news for all of us non-racers). The first on our list of "must go sailing with..." was Patti and John Bott. Luckily, they could come along.

We met at the boat and got ready for a cruise.... This definitely was NOT a race. Himy (the Sacks Yorkie) came along. Our band of sailors were...Misako, Dana, Patti, John, Glenn and me plus the dog. The boat was loaded with wine, food and friends as we left Sausalito and headed out.
In the beginning I was at the helm, but the winds on the way out were a bit fluky and I haven't sailed in awhile. I looked at Glenn and said.."take it... " and he did. It wasn't long though before John got to steer and the boat cut through the water, heeling in the breeze heading out toward the city. On the way out we took a side trip to see a proper yacht with helicopter. (HOW do they take off from that wee little perch?)
The early grey skies cleared nicely all through the bay including Sausalito. It was going to be a perfect day for kicking back and enjoying the moment. I called out...Let's head to the lee side of Angel Island (known for being a place to hide from the wind). True to form the lee was still and warm. The winds were blowing 25 knots down the middle of the bay, but hugging close to the island, I recalled the times in younger days when Glenn and the guys would grab a beer jump overboard and swim in to the beach. Instead, we laid around, soaked up the sun and laughed.

Once we left the lee it was back into the breeze. I think John preferred to fly across the water. I do have to say, I looked at Glenn and Dana once or twice and wondered if they were just terribly bored by all this relaxation.

But me? after all this walking I think I enjoyed it...Dana is developing that salty dog look.

John is developing his Boddingtons adman look.

Patti, is one hot sailor girl. She actually crewed on this boat at one time. She is a natural!
Me... On the boat between taking cell phone calls and trying to do business in the wind... I decided to put the phone away and work on my Gilligan's Island demeanor.
John is a sucker for pets.... They him him too.
See there is work being done... don't see me do you???!!!
At the end of the sail Dana and Glenn pulled out the Rum... No sunset we were sailing back into... it was the Summer fog instead.
After heading back to the dock, we weren't quite done yet. Half the group headed to the market to grab some steaks, we ran home to throw everything we own into the laundry room so people would think we aren't slobs... and we had a nice BBQ.
I know the guys are going to miss the number of races they used to do (OVER 60 in the season last year). But, we still have the boat and that wonderful bond it creates between friends. The good news is, if you haven't been out with us, you may have a chance to grab a ride on one of these new "cruise" sails. Send me an email and lets us know you want to go for a sail on Hazardous Waste.
But for now... I have to get back to walking!
OH yeah speaking of email... I am waiting for yours about WINE WARS!