Monday, September 6, 2010

The day the heat... another 14 miles.

Ok... we were tired.
Walking 18 miles over hills and over hills and up stairs and down stairs meant our calves were as tight as drums, our stamina was ebbing, but our determination was unfettered.
We had set out schedule in advance to walk around San Pedro Point and by God we were going to do it. The temperature as we began our route at Glenn's office was already that of a warm day, so by the end, we knew it would be hot. So.... with loads of enthusiasm and tons of trepidation we opened the door and began to walk.
Our walk took us over 101 to the west side of the freeway where a newly created route (perhaps at some point to be a light rail route) gave us a safe place to head north. We took our turn East at North San Pedro Road and walked by the the Civic Center, the JCC and Venetia School.

The heat made certain we stopped more than usual. First at the 7-11, then at a bench... We adjusted our shoes and shirts, nabbed our foreheads and ate our sharkies.

As we made the turn into China Camp, I remembered there were going to be a few more hills than I had pictured in starting out.

Each of us poised at the SIGN.

There were several people out. Mainly bicyclists on this LABOR day walk. As I walked along I hear a voice from behind me call out "Hi Cathy!" By the time I turned he was speeding by me on his bike, a green blur of man in motion. Patti asked "Who was that?" to which I answered, "I don't have a clue, but I bet they will say something to me soon about seeing me..." Then I though for a minute and decided it probably was Craig Sivestri. Awhile later here he came, this time with his red goggles accenting his bright smile. Yup there goes Craig!

About half way into the walk we dunk our bandannas in the bottle of ice (now ice water) are wrap them around our necks. But not before we wiped off the sweat now pouring down our faces.

The day was bright and beautiful, even if it was HOT.

This little dear had found a shady glen to lay in the grass...

The little pull outs along the way had groups BBQing and enjoying the Holiday. You can't tell just how small this little dog is but trust me IT WAS SMALL.

Finally we were at China Camp Village where we found a shady table to eat our PBandJs!

People were enjoying the beach.

Eventually we were walking on Point San Pedro road which is on the South side of the peninsula.

Nearer to town this old bus was parked reminding me of an overgrown old VW bus.

House boat on the canal.

We made a stop at Pinkys to have a beer and watch a bit of the Giants game.
To finish the walk we stopped at Whole foods and picked up some things for dinner.
That night we got together for diner. RIBS, CORN, SALAD YUMMMMY
Now that was a great Labor Day. And believe me, I am glad we did it. The two days were a challenge to be sure, but now we know we can survive anything. I feel better prepared for the 3 day, but I am looking forward to shorter walks in the days ahead working up to .....drum roll...... OCTOBER 1!!!!!!