Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mid week training... or.... how to walk and work.

After the challenging weekend, I am looking at my calendar ans realizing the time is running short until our BIG weekend. The tighness of my muscles, the amount of sweat I generated and the pounding of my heart walking up those hills tell me, that although I CAN do it, I COULD do it easier if I keep up the walking, the hills and the momentum,

The first thing I did when the weekend was over was access the damage. I had a medium sized blister on the inside of my right foot (the first all year), and I definately was tighter than I remember being. Myriam told me at work it would be a great idea to go and see Michael (my body worker and her special person). She said he could flush out my legs and work out the kinks. Sounded good to me!

So I made my appointment for Wednesday am and took off on Tuesday for a walk to lunch to Molly Stones with Myriam. This long legged gal is a runner so her pace is a good one for me. My two steps to her one....

The next day, Patti and I decided to walk into Sausalito for lunch, so I left work, and wlked to her houseboat trying out my camera along the way.

This picture is for my son-in-law. Ice cream for the troops.

We walked to the Vahalla and then truned around heading to Sausalito Baker to eat lunch at our friend Josh's place.

Josh used to be the cook at the Sausalito Yacht Club. It is great to see him making a go of it in his own place.

The next day, I decided to at least walk to work. You could call it cross training since it invovles some serious stairs up and down. The stairs aren't as bad as the Lands end stairs, but... they are great training.

All around Tam Valley you see little reminders of kids who attended before like these tiled posts.

I looked for otters in the creek but alas, I couldn't find any.

But the shore birds were.

Now I have a walk scheduled with Patti into Mill Valley from her house and I had better be going. Just recieved the training guide for next week. 18 and 8 on next weekend means no slacking. I will share with you later my conversation with a very helpful 3 day person. Its a great organizaiton of some very committed people. I am glad to be making a difference. You can too. DONATE