Monday, September 20, 2010

THE weekend

Right now I am in the middle of negotiating over a short sale and believe me I would rather be walking. So while I am waiting for the bank holding the first to respond to the bank holding the second I will fill you in on the weekend. Feast Frivolity and Friends.....

After a lovely evening celebrating Patti's Birthday we met up with Dana, Stephanie and Cathy Shea in Alameda for some East Bay wanderings.

The skies were cloudy as a light drizzle fell. We stretched and prepared for a 18 mile day. Not lost on Patti and me was the difficulty of walking distances after staying up late, and drinking wine. But off we went toward the Bay...

The sights and sound along the way carry with them the moodiness that drizzly days bring.

Cathy Shea hasn't had the same opportunity to train as the rest of us, but she jumped right in and did a good job as we walked the perimeter of the island.

People think of Alameda as a Naval Station. In fact Glenn's Dad was even sent there to meet up with a boat he served on in WWII. But Alameda is more than that. In fact prior to 1902 Alameda was not an island at all. But a channel dug between San Leandro Bay and the Oakland Harbor created the estuary that made Alameda a major shipping port. The Naval Air station was created just in time for WWII and was closed in 1997. But there still are old military buildings and some ships that serve as Museums, Including the USS Hornet.

The first Pan American Clippers flew out of Alameda in 1935, with their operations moving to Treasure Island after that.

Now businesses are using some of the old buildings including Hangar 1 Vodka and St George Distillery.

The container ships come into the estuary to be loaded and unloaded. Dana said there were 6 into port just the day before. Now... all gone with just the Cranes standing wait.

After walking past where the Ferry picks up commuters we came to the end of one of the Bay paths and had a view of the ship yard.

There are new housing developments on the island as well including this one. The houses were stacked like sardines in a row. This house looked like there were some CCRs violations with two TV dishes on the front.

Throughout the walk we saw dozens of ground squirrels running and hiding as we came along.

We met Chuck (Stephanie's husband) at a German Restaurant and ate wurst and sauerkraut while I had ein klienen bier.

As the day progressed and we walked in the afternoon hours the skies partially cleared revealing the SF skyline.

More ground squirrels...

WE finished our tour of Alameda and headed to Bay Farm Island which is adjacent to Alameda and started our final 6 miles there.

Cathy Shea had parted company with us in Alameda so the rest of the day was the four musketeers.... Here are three of them in a makeshift hull on the edge of the Bay.

Inside a compass... which way to the 3 day?

We walked along the waterside where there were many fishermen. One told us they were fishing for Sturgeon. He said the come there every 7 years to spawn.

We walked through office complexes and passed by the Raiders headquarters.

Until finally we were done...
I think we all were tired (even though Stephanie straighten up when the camera came out!)
I had planned a dinner party for Patti's birthday and went home to done the finally prep. In an effort to simulate Tyler Florence's Wayfare Tavern menu we had Grilled Pozzi Leg of Lamb on a bean ragout, with roasted potatoes, fig, prosciutto and maiche salad with a pepper citrus vinaigrette and Chocolate Mousse on a Coconut cloud. Oh, and some wine....
So when Sunday came our plan was to walk to Cavallo for a 10 mile walk. Glenn decided to come along with us... off we went, a little slower than we might have without yet another Birthday celebration.

This cat seems like he was enjoying the morning.

Glenn and me.


Another grey day and the view down Raccoon Straits

My honey at Cavallo

Patti.... Birthday is all done.
Later int he day we headed over to Glenn's Dad's house and Chuck and Stephanie came to cook for us. Anytime they cook for you, you are truly lucky. And George was made to feel very special. Chuck and Stephanie are some of our oldest friends (as in how long we have known them not their age!) I feel so fortunate to be sharing yet another chapter with them.
I love it that Stephanie will be walking with me in the 3 day and that Chuck will be joining Glenn and John cheering us along the way.
THE walk is just 11 days away. Still time to donate.